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Shop Hours: Monday by Chance, 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM, Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM, Sunday by Chance 11:AM - 5:00 PM

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Vintage Kimono, Custom Jewelry  


BLUE MOON ANTIQUES                              
138 S. Houston St.
Wharton, TX., 77488                                       

On vacation from December 16 until January 05.  Emails will still be answered and shipping will still take place, albeit more slowly than normal.  Merry Christmas, everyone! 

I am Angie, and welcome to the Blue Moon Antique Shop!

Our Story:

We came to Wharton, TX, James and I, after 7 years on the road with the antique shows. The shows were good to us, but after 7 years it had become an exhausting lifestyle, the shows were on their way out, and it was just time to try another path.

Wharton offered charm and location; far enough from Houston so that one doesn't have to put up with the annoyances of city life and traffic, and CLOSE enough to make Wharton attractive as a destination for a day trip for Houstonians who have tired of the impersonality of shopping in their home town and are looking for something a bit different.

Our shop is Blue Moon Antiques, and we are certainly different! We have unusual antiques for those who are tired of antique shops full of garage sale rejects and for those tired of antique shops that seem to have more reproduction antiques and craft items than actual antiques or collectibles. Our stock is ever-changing and includes items from the most unusual vintage toys to vintage glass, porcelains and pottery to vintage kitchen collectibles and interesting furniture. It was never our goal to pack the shop full; we have always been more interested in having items to offer that actually ARE something. We firmly believe that you have seen every common piece of trash that you ever want to see, and we don't think you should have to look at that sort of thing in our shop too.

Every antique shop must have a secondary line of stock in order to appeal to those who may not necessarily be looking for antiques or who are maybe just along for the ride with those who do look for antiques. So Blue Moon elected to target those who have no taste for the mundane and mediocre.

I began by adding a group of fine jewelry. I personally select each gemstone for quality and beauty, and they are mounted by my goldsmith, who is unsurpassed in his ability to create mountings for the stones of unusually large size or the unique fantasy cuts that I specialize in.  My jewelry pieces are custom made, not commercially produced.  Perhaps mass produced  'fashion jewelry' is good enough for some, but it is not good enough for me or for my clientele. Layaway is available for any item listed on the site, including my spectacular jewelry.

But alas, not everyone is as fascinated by gemstones as am I, so the addition of a third venue seemed necessary and I settled on vintage to antique kimono, haori (pronounced HOW-ree), juban and various cotton working jackets. I decided that the bulk of my stock in this venue should be in haoris and happis, available for women and men in a variety of colors, fabrics and prices. The two things they have in common is their exclusivity and their ability to fit almost anyone because of the way they are designed, which is to be worn open, not closed or belted.

These garments are not something you can "shop and compare"; with a couple of noted exceptions, there is one of each. If you like it, either buy it today or put it in layaway; I CANNOT get you another like it, because there IS no other like it.


If you want to keep up with the Joneses, you may wish to look at another website.  If you like the unique, the exclusive, or the unusual, and prefer that the Joneses should scramble in an attempt to keep up with you, then you have come to the right place.                                

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