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Allow me to show you a few of the antiques in my shop.  I have MANY more items, and will get pictures and descriptions as time allows.  Of course, it is always your option to email me with special requests, or for additional information or pictures for any item you see here, or to ask if I have something that you are particularly wanting. 

In glass and pottery items, my specialty is the unique; or at least the very unusual.  I believe that I can safely assume that you have seen all of the snuff bottles and flowerpots you ever wanted to see in an antique shop, and we at Blue Moon would never subject you to such boredom by offering such items, either in the shop or on the website.

My kitchen and table items page will include graniteware and utility pieces from the 40's and earlier, as well as some of the glass with fired-on colors of the 'Fabulous 50's.'  We will offer you everything from Pyrex to mechanical small appliances that are sure to at least elicit a smile for the foibles of days gone by.

Toys and advertising items range in period from the 40's through the 60's, and again; only the unusual and hard to find are offered by us.  The common is always available everywhere you go, so to avoid that redundancy, we do not carry the common in this category, either.

So enjoy!  And remember that you can email or call at any time, and any questions you have will be answered to the best of our abilities!