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Pair of Brass (?) Bookends, Native American Indian Brave Scout GA105.

Comments: I have the question mark because I am not certain that it is brass; it doesn't draw a magnet, though. These are not completely solid in the base area (you'll understand this better when you have them and feel the weight difference between the upper and lower areas) but are almost certainly solid in the upper area where the young man's body is sculpted. This pair weighs over seven pounds, so they will hold your books or two of your doors! Stark and simple without gratuitous detailing, you can read the combination of tension and weariness in his body language. Very nice and unusual pair.

GA105 $59.00
Material: Brass (?)
Condition: Excellent
Color: Brass
•Depth: 5"
•Width: 4 1/4"
•Height: 6 1/4"

SOLD Carved Heavy Wood Bird, Hawk, Maltese Falcon GA104.

Comments: I've included a photo of the grain of the wood on the main body to help you judge what wood this might be. I am not certain, so I don't label it, but it is very heavy for its size, weighing almost five pounds. When I see it, I always think of the Maltese Falcon movie with Humphrey Bogart. It is simple and clean of line with no heavy detailing, yet so much is conveyed by what little detailing there is. The surface is cool to the touch and satiny smooth like a somehow solid bolt of silk. Just a very elegant piece that has a very real sense of its own importance.

GA104 $35.00
Material: Wood
Condition: Excellent
Color: Natural dark brown
•Depth: 4 1/4" (at lower third; possibly a bit more at chest)
•Width: 6" (across upper wings)
•Height: 11"

SOLD Vintage TV Lamp, Ship At Sail, Ivory with Gold GA103.

Comments: Here's a treat for you; a TV lamp that isn't a black panther. Nice little ship at full sail; gold detailing is vague on the sail due to handling over time, but strong everywhere else. It's a twist-on, twist-off switch and that switch is still nice and snug with no play in it. Cord has no breaks and is still supple; this would be a nice table piece or perhaps on a shelf above your flat screen or below it on the entertainment center. Perfect working condition.

GA103 $.3500
Material: Glazed pottery/ceramic
Condition: Excellent
Color: Ivory with gold trim
•Depth: 5 4/8"
•Width: 9 1/2"
•Height: 9 1/4"

SOLD Antique Electric Fan, Emerson GA102.

Comments: I photographed this fan where it is displayed in the shop rather than moving it to the photo area,  so let me know if you need more or different pictures and I will provide them by email for you.  Wonderful old fan; I've not cleaned it up on blades, housing or base. I will leave that to you to do as much or as little as you choose. It's actually ready to go and use just as it is. These fans are SO much more efficient at their job than any of the new ones; this one will move the air in a large room and if it is pointed directly at you, you may want to move back a little if you are used to the pitiful air output of recently made fans. On the LOW speed, it moves my scrolls on the wall 20 feet away and of course on the medium and high speeds, it is a force to be reckoned with. It oscillates quietly with no buzzing motor noise. The hole you see in the top of the motor housing is where the peg for stopping the oscillation used to be; if you need the fan not to oscillate, you will have to make a new peg. Some of these fans were stopped by pressing down on the peg, while others had to have the peg turned; I'm not sure which one this is, but people who know more about fans can fill you in on that. This is quite heavy, so shipping will be a bit higher than usual, but having this fan in the room with you will more than make up for it!

GA102 $95.00
Material: metal
Condition: Excellent
Color: Grey/Taupe
•Depth: 10 1/2" approx.
•Width: 17" approx.
•Height: 22" approx.

SOLD Pair of Glass Lamps With Prisms, Crystal Clear GA101.

Comments: I photographed these where they stand in the shop instead of moving them to the photo area, so if you need more or different pictures, let me know and I will provide them to you by email.  They use standard base bulbs and are in wonderful condition with no chips or cracks and of course they work! I can't comment as to age; they are probably not very old, but they are so beautiful that I was willing to present them to you anyway. This lovely pair could go anywhere; on a pair of night tables, at opposing ends of a sideboard or buffet, on matching his & hers desks; the possibilities are endless, so you can decide for yourself! They will be well packaged for transport but I would still suggest insurance.

GA101 $200.00
Material: Glass, metal
Condition: Excellent
Color: Crystal clear glass with goldtone bases
•Depth: 5 1/4" (at base)
•Width: 5 1/4" (at base)
•Height: 17"