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Michiyuki Vintage Mitiyuki

I have included both spellings here to make the page easier for the search engines to locate.  Mitiyuki differ from haori as a coat insomuch as the mitiyuki is worn closed rather than open.   I have listed a body measurement for you to make your choice easier.  The body measurement is taken across the lowest button closure while the garment is fully fastened.

SOLD Antique Japanese Kimono Michiyuki Mitiyuki WM70

Pattern: Michiyuki in Rinzu silk with a stunning red floral pattern jumping out against the rich black ground. Has interior ties to keep the inner panel in place while wearing.
Comments: Michiyuki is thought of as a raincoat, but is worn in the way of haori, too. One difference between the two is that the Mitiyuki is worn closed, so check the 'shoulder' measurement to see if this one is right for you. Shitsuke are in place and the jacket is in excellent condition.

WM70 Black Mitiyuki, $80.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent
Color: Black 

•Length: 85cm (33.5inches)
•Width: 134cm (52.8inches)
•Sleeve: 47cm (18.5inches)
•Shoulder: 68cm (26.8inches)