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Oil Company Advertising 

1944 Mobilgas Calendar, Mobiloil Magnolia Trail OC104.

Comments: On the inside back center fold, there is a 48 star US Flag clearly depicted; just thought you might want to see that so I photographed it. Each month has a different picture  and there are three alternating slogans at the bottoms of the pages. May was used as a doodle board; I'm guessing while someone was on the phone. There is a very small unobtrusive ink mark on June and July has a dog eared corner. Corners are nicely square and there is no tape on this one. Some creasing and color scuffs present, but nothing that detracts from the overall look (except for that May thing.) To put things in perspective, we were still heavily engaged in WWII at this time.

I took a photo of the August picture because it was so bright and pretty, but also to include the caption beneath the picture which I winced over as I read it because of its unabashed racist terminology. It says: "INDIAN HORSEMEN -- Descendants of a proud race, these Indian horsemen and hundreds more from various tribes, enact scenes of the dim past at annual tribal gatherings at various places in New Mexico each summer, where, annually, thousands of their paleface brothers journey to enjoy this coming together of the redskins to portray the free life of their forefathers." The multiple use of 'various' indicates that the author of the caption couldn't tell one tribe from another and the use of the word 'brothers' seems nearly as inappropriate as 'redskins.' The last part of the sentence is rather telling as well; 'free life of their forefathers' is especially appropriate considering the present day.

OC104 $65.00
Material: Paper
Condition: Very good
Color: Yellow, red, white, blue, etc.
•Depth: N/A"
•Width: 12 1/2"
•Height: 25" open


1938 Mobilgas Calendar, Socony-Vacuum Magnolia Oil Company OC102.

Comments: All of the various iterations are mentioned on this wonderful old calendar; Gargoyle, Mobiloil, Mobilgas, Socony-Vacuum and Magnolia. All twelve months are present; there is an ink mark on July 9 which was evidently something special to the original owner of the calendar. This calendar is a remarkable educational tool, too; many historical events are mentioned in each month and there are quite a few that I was unaware of. The calendar is in very nice condition for its age, especially when you consider that it was a throw away or disposable item. There is a broken off small corner to the front; I have the piece and it will be included so that you can mend it if you like. The outer (center fold) edge has been taped, as have the hanging holes and interior center folds of some of the pages. Someone was pretty careful when doing that, so it isn't extremely obvious and in my opinion does little to harm the display presentation. Several small edge tears have not been mended; do it or don't, as you please. The upper background picture for each month is the same, but at the bottom there are three different gasoline, oil and grease messages alternating from month to month.

OC102 $75.00
Material: Paper
Condition: Very good
Color: Red, white, blue, yellow, etc.
•Depth: N/A"
•Width: 12 1/2"
•Height: 23" open

Texaco Gasoline Station Premium Giveaway Soda Saver Bottle Cap OC101.

Comments: This would have been an oil company premium, or giveaway item you received for stopping at your local Texaco Gas Station; probably in the 1950's or 1960's. The purpose of this item is to reclose a soda bottle so that you wouldn't lose the 'fizz.' Place the cap on the bottle and push it down to seal, then press the center plug to reopen the bottle. The center plug seems to be made of hard rubber or perhaps some sort of semi solid plastic. Front shows the Texaco logo and back informs you that it was gifted from THORN HILLS TEXACO Service Station NEW GULF, TEXAS. On the bottom rim, it is embossed SNAP-TOP MADE IN U.S.A. PATENTS 2. 586,440-162,993. I'm showing the punctuation between the six digit numbers as commas, but they could be periods; it's just too difficult to tell with the printing being on the very edge of the rim. Photos show it is in very nice condition and most likely unused; there is surface crazing consistent with plastics of this age.

OC101 $12.00
Material: Plastic, metal rubber (?)
Condition: Excellent
Color: Red with white
•Depth: N/A"
•Width: 1 1/2"
•Height: 1 1/2"