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Antique Kimono Uchikake, Crane & Butterfly With Tassels.

I am so very pleased to present this Uchikake with the frog & tassel detail on the outer sleeve edges!  The garment is graduated from aqua blue to white and has a red liner.  The outer edges of the sleeves, the front collar strip and the hem have the added trip to mimic multiple layers in green, blue and yellow in addition to the shell and liner colors.  The ones with the sleeve frogs and tassels and with the multiple layer look are exceedingly difficult to acquire and will always have a place of prominence in any collection whether they are used as garments or as unique decorative items.  Very nearly pristine, it measures wrist to wrist 52", body width 23", sleeve drop 41" and length 70".  It is $375.00. 

Antique Kimono Uchikake, Multiple Layer Look With Tassels.

This uchikake has the added strips of silk to imitate multiple layers and in this case the additional colors are present all the way around the collar strip besides being present at the sleeves and hem.  The outer shell is a patterned red silk with silver and gold fine stripes acting as backdrop to the halved crests woven in too.  The couched embroidery is in heavy silver and gold with repeating hexagonal and circular shapes.  Beautiful condition, it measures wrist to wrist 53", body width 24", sleeve drop 42", length 72".  It is $350.00.

SOLD Vintage Uchikake, Graduated Pink, Birds & Flowers.

This is a lovely thing, with the background having just the slightest suggestion of pink, which graduates on the ascending to white when it gets to the shoulders.  Oddly, the hem was never padded; the sleeve for the padding is completely intact, but it is empty.  I have never seen this before.  The birds and flowers are beautifully embroidered, and the matching at the seams is excellent.  The lining is a tone of red that leans heavily toward orange.  It is in super condition, and it is $250.00.

SOLD Vintage Wedding Uchikake, Phoenix Embroidered.

On a white ground that leans slightly to cream, the Phoenix stands out wonderfully well!  This one is not so busy as many of the genre, which works well on this garment, allowing the bird to draw the focus of the observer.  The gold embroidered leaves are a great foundation for the lavender and pink blooms, and the touch of color at the ends of the tail feathers brings everything together.  Some noruki is present on the chrysanthemum ground fabric, but nothing that detracts from the over-all beauty of this garment.  This one is not so heavily padded in the body, leaving it a bit lighter in weight, and it is also slightly shorter than the average uchikake, which allows us to entertain the possibility that the bride for whom it was made was either very young or even smaller than the average young Japanese lady.  This one is $225.00.

SOLD Rare Solid Pink Uchikake.

Pattern: Pattern of cranes, chrysanthemums, royal carts and maple leaves. Iridescent threads of blue, green, pink, etc. woven in with the pink gives a 'soap bubble' effect, providing the only color beyond the pink.
Comments: Tiny spot on left collar strip, faint staining on hem pad. Lining is an ice pink so pale that at first it appears to be white.

Pink Uchikake $200.00
Material: Uncertain
Condition: Vintage Excellent
Color: Pink

•Length: 73"
•Width: 54"
•Sleeve: 41 1/2"
•Shoulder: 25"

HOLD Shiromuku-Uchikake With Pink Edge.

This is a very unusual piece.  Shiromuku are generally white, and unrelieved by color in anything but the embroidery.  This one is silk, with a pattern of cranes and pine covering most of the garment.  The highly unusual pink edging you see here extends the entire length of the collar strip, and connects at the hemline, where it continues all the way around the hem.  A delightfully unusual piece, it is $250.00.

SOLD Rare Black Uchikake.

This magnificent garment is creped silk on the outer shell, Rinzu silk on the inner lining.  It has the padded hem and the 40" sleeves that you want in an uchikake, and the dramatic contrast between the solid black of the shell and the solid red of the lining is the most dynamic thing you will ever find in this type of garment.  There is a whitish spot, shown about actual size (it is actually just a touch smaller than shown) on the back of the left sleeve, right at the outer seam.  A touch of black dye or even the touch of a magic marker will cover it if you wish.  This garment is a steal at only $150.00.