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Green Tea & Rooibos Tea

Rooibos (Red Bush) Tea.

This is a marvelous loose tea that I am offering in 2oz quantities, both flavored and unflavored.  It is a beautiful red tea with a smooth, lightly sweet taste, and it is naturally caffeine free, so it is good for any time of day.  High in antioxidants, it is healthy for you in addition to being a relaxing, refreshing tea, either hot or iced.  This is Organic*, Fair Trade** tea, and it is GMO*-Free**.  (More Information)

Using this tea as a base, I make the proprietary blends right here in the shop, using only therapeutic grade essential oils and whole spices that I grind myself.   The varieties are listed below, and with each purchase you will receive brewing instructions for hot tea and iced tea.

Make a Tea Gift Bag!

The perfect gift for co-workers, friends, relatives; pretty much for everyone!  The gift bag will include our infuser, a box of Special Gunpowder Green Tea, two packages of Rooibos Tea in the flavors of your choice, and two packets of Kili Gold Ginger Drink for $20.00.  The products will be presented in a  paper gift bag with tissue and decorations.  If you want a larger or different group of teas, let me know and I will set it up for you. 

Flavors displaying this mug:  are out of rotation for the foreseeable future and may be discontinued in favor of another. 

Smaller Jar For Rooibos Tea, Glass Stopper.

This jar has an easy to remove glass lid with a plastic ring for an airtight seal.  It is a small jar that holds 2oz of the Rooibos Tea as though it was designed specifically for that purpose!  Keep your teas flavorful; keep them in glass!  Jar is $3.50.

Larger Jar For Rooibos Tea, Cork Stopper.

Here is a jar for you to mix different blends of your tea.  This one is heavy glass, with decorative faux handles on the side that make gripping easier.  The mouth of the jar is wide enough to permit you to plunge your infuser in and get your tea without making a mess on the counter.  It will hold up to 6oz of tea; I use one to toss my leftover bits of tea into when there isn't enough to fill an infuser.  The mix of numerous flavors of the Rooibos can be surprising and very pleasant!  This jar is $5.00. 

Citrus Grove Rooibos Tea.

Combined flavors of Tangerine, Orange,Lemon and Lime for a bright, cheerful change from the mundane!  2oz, $3.50.

Clove Rooibos Tea.

A beautiful warm tea with a strong presence of clove from pure uncut essential oil of clove and whole cloves that I grind to blend with it.  2oz, $3.50.

Orange Squared Rooibos Tea.

This is orange to the nth power!  Combined here are the essences of Sweet Orange, Orange Bitter, and a special Orange Essence concentrate with superfine quality dehydrated orange peel.  2oz, $3.50. 

Peppermint Rooibos Tea.

For those who love the bright taste of peppermint in their tea; try mixing this one with the Orange/Lemon Rooibos Tea for a soothing afternoon tea!  2oz, $3.50.

Spearmint Rooibos Tea.

Spearmint is completely different from Peppermint in flavor; Spearmint is a sweet mint, while Peppermint is a 'dry' mint.  This aromatically pleasing tea is perfect any time of day, whether hot or iced.  2oz, $3.50.

Tangerine Rooibos Tea.

Featured here is the high sweet taste of Tangerine; very different from Orange.  This one makes a lovely breakfast tea.  2oz, $3.50.

Bergamot Rooibos Tea.

Bergamot is the ingredient that makes Earl Grey Tea taste different from any other tea.  Here, that same ingredient appeals to all of the senses in Rooibos Tea.  This one is relaxing and comforting, and can be consumed just before sleep if you wish.  2oz, $3.50.

Hot Cinnamon Rooibos Tea.

Strong cinnamon aroma and taste, this flavor has a spicy, peppery back-bite; not too strong, not too mild!  An amazing tea hot or iced.  2oz, $3.50. 

Blue Moon Chai Rooibos Tea.

Not for the faint of heart or the novice palate, this is the signature blend for our shop.  Several spices combine to produce this hot peppery blend with an overlying taste and scent of clove.  You may wish to use less than the suggested quantity per cup until you know how much of a good thing is right for you.  2oz, $3.50.

Lime/Ginger Rooibos Tea.

This is a fragrant, pleasing combination of smooth ginger and bright lime flavors to delight the nose as well as the mouth.  Good hot or iced, this tea will appeal to the seasoned palate as well as the untrained.  2oz, $3.50.   

Rooibos Tea, Unflavored.

For those of you who want to experience the Rooibos in its pure form!  Hot or iced, sweetened or not, lemon or cream, this tea may replace your current caffeine free drink, even before bedtime.  2oz, $3.00. 

Raspberry Rooibos Tea.

The bright red taste of Raspberry is satisfying without being overwhelming.  A pleasant afternoon tea when you want something but don't know what!  2oz, $3.50.

Peach Rooibos Tea.

Fragrant Peach for those who love that Cling-y Freestone taste in their tea; this one is awesome when iced too!  2oz, $3.50.

Anise Seed Rooibos Tea.

Here is a tea reminiscent of the wonderful Italian Pizzelle cookie.  The warm flavor of Anise is admirably complimented by a subtle shade of orange and lemon for a delightful afternoon, evening, or dessert tea.  2oz, $3.50.

Blueberry Rooibos Tea.

Here is the warm fruity essence of blueberry in the very smooth Rooibos Tea.  Excellent choice as either a breakfast tea or an all-day tea.  2oz, $3.50.

Sweet Ginger Rooibos Tea.

Use only 1/2 teaspoon of this one for single cups, and the usual amount for pots of tea, hot or iced.  This flavor has the unique character of becoming sweeter as it cools.  A particularly nice tea for those of us who can't seem to drink the whole mug of tea while it is still hot!  2oz, $3.50.


Orange Bitter/Cinnamon Rooibos Tea.

Pleasant to the palate, the orange presence is more subtle than the cinnamon.  Equally delightful hot or cold, this blend will be a favorite.  2oz, $3.50. 

Orange/Lemon Rooibos Tea. 

This blend has nearly equal fragrance and flavor, and is a combination of orange and lemon essential oils with dehydrated orange and lemon peel.  Not too sweet, and the flavors are pure and pleasant.  2oz, $3.50. 

Tea Infuser, Wire Mesh Ball.

This is the perfect infuser for any tea.  Press the handle as though it were a clothes pin, fill the lower portion of the ball, removing any loose tea from the rim, and allow to close.  Use for whole pots of tea, or use for single cup consumption, and steep till your heart's content.  $6.00.

Special Gunpowder Green Tea.

This Chinese Green Tea comes from the very tips of the branches; the new tender growth of the tea plant.  The tiny leaves are pinched off the plant, and each leaf is rolled up like an expensive cigar.  When it dries, it looks like grains of gunpowder.  The nickname was applied to this tea by an Englishman buying tea in China in the 1700's, and the name stuck.  It is also referred to as 'pearl' tea.  Green tea has tons of antioxidants in it, and most people, myself included, report that it simply makes us feel good.  It helps the digestive process, and there are claims that it increases metabolism without increasing blood pressure (I have found this to be true for myself), that it helps prevent tooth decay, and actually reverses gingivitis.  The box contains 125 grams, or 4oz.  Drinking 4 cups of this tea per day, a box like this lasts about 2 months.  If you will remind me, I will include directions on how best to brew it for maximum taste!  The box is $5.00.

Ginger & Honey Drink.

This is a marvelous drink.  It is nothing more than crystallized ginger and honey; no additives or chemical vehicles.  The package suggests that the packet be dissolved in 1 cup of hot water, and this is great when you are not feeling well, or if you have the flu or are nauseated.  If you will stir it into 1 2/3 cup of hot water, it is a wonderfully pleasant and relaxing drink just for the taste of it.  Ginger has a spicy-hot back taste on it; this is temporary and fades quickly.  The honey is gently sweet, not overpowering, which is especially easy on the stomach.  The packets are sold two ways:  2 packets for $1.25 or 20 packets for $10.00.