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Miscellaneous Advertising Items

The items appearing here show fewer pictures in order to display more items for you on a single page. I will provide as many pictures as you wish by email for any item that interests you, along with any additional information you require. 

Antique Advertising In-Store Sign, Butternut Bread, Paper MA105.

Comments: Not many of these survived; they were hung by a string from the ceiling in your local grocery, and the constant movement and twirling usually destroyed them. As you can see, it is not in perfect condition, but it really IS in great condition for its age. I would guess the original date to be somewhere in the early fifties. This was one of the better-known images for this brand of bread. Notice in the bottom right corner; the baker boy 'logo' appears there.

MA105 $29.00
Material: Paper/Cardboard
Condition: Good
Color: Blue, yellow, etc.

•Depth: N/A"
•Width: 10 1/2"
•Height: 13 1/4"

Antique Advertising In-Store Sign, Butternut Bread, Paper MA104.

Comments: I don't personally remember this particular signage with the baker boy image, which leads me to believe that it is older than I am (gasp!) This would have hung twirling in the breeze created by the ceiling fans in the store, or perhaps from the natural breeze coming through the screen door. Not perfect by any means, but excellent condition given its age and use, and the colors are bright and strong.

MA104 $35.00
Material: Paper/Cardboard
Condition: Good
Color: Blue, white, etc.

•Depth: N/A"
•Width: 10"
•Height: 14 1/4"

Antique Advertising Metal Coin Bank, Eight O'Clock Coffee MA103.

Comments: Extremely nice condition coin bank, with only the most minor scuffs. It is most likely a giveaway premium acquired by sending in for it by mail when you purchased the coffee. I'm not certain of the age; my best guess would be 1950's.

MA103 $35.00
Material: Tin, Metal
Condition: Excellent
Color: Red

•Depth: 1 3/4"
•Width: 2 1/8"
•Height: 3 7/8"

Antique Advertising Lighter, Newport Cigarettes MA102.

Comments: Nope, it's not the Nike 'swoosh,' it is the Newport Cigarette logo. Minor scratches in the paint (mostly on the narrow edges from pocket wear) do not in any way detract from the look of this very nice piece. Those of you who collect Tobaccania should be very pleased with this one and will require no explanation for how it functions. For the rest of you, press down on the area you see to the right of the pivot rise, and the opposite side flips up and produces a flame for you. It is in perfect working condition; there is flint in it but of course no fluid at this time. On the bottom, the maker's mark consists of the Greek letter Omega, followed by: OMEGA SUPERLIGHTER OMEGA MFG CO JAPAN. If you look closely at the picture, you will see OMEGA again at the base of the pivot rise. This type of lighter was very popular in the 1950's and 1960's.

MA102 $25.00
Material: Metal
Condition: Excellent
Color: Aqua

•Depth: 9/16"
•Width: 1 5/8"
•Height: 1 7/8"

Antique Advertising Sign, Chesterfield Cigarettes MA101.

Comments: Chesterfield was a brand by Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company. As you can see, the top and bottom corners on the right side have been 'clipped' for some reason long ago. Because of this, additional small holes have been made at some distant time to hang the sign on headless nails. There is some rust, too, but the biggest part of the sign is free from rust, and the colors and details remain strong. Bottom left, the sign says in small print LIGGETT & MEYERS TOBACCO COMPANY CH-4, and bottom right it says LITHO U.S.A. , although the final A got clipped with the corner. The condition is more than compensated for by the price.

MA101 $69.00
Material: Metal
Condition: Good
Color: Red, black, white

•Depth: N/A"
•Width: 20"
•Height: 24"