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Beer Advertising Items

SOLD CS29 Lidded Budweiser Stein by Ceramarte AB111.

Comments: This one is another very early example of these steins before Ceramarte began marking their items with dates. I've done a bit of research and evidently what is most important about this particular stein is that " Budweiser Champion Clydesdales " and " ST. LOUIS, MO. " are printed rather than in script. The lid is not smooth, but rather looks like hammered aluminum. No chips or cracks, the stein is in wonderful condition inside and out. Bottom has the " Ceramarte MADE IN BRAZIL " inkstamp but no other text. Wonderful embossing all around and care was taken to create a look of great age; rather an antique sort of treatment.

AB111 $85.00
Material: Stoneware
Condition: Excellent
Color: Tan w/nutmeg stain, red, green, yellow, black, brown, etc.

•Depth: 3 5/8" base
•Width: 5 1/2" including handle
•Height: 5" or 5 7/8 including thumbrest

Budweiser Stein by Ceramarte, Cameo Wheatland Not Dated AB110.

Comments: Very heavy stein with both faces embossed with the hitch in cameo frames. Wheat design above the A&Eagle opposite the handle, handle is also heavily embossed. Bottom reads in PRINT: " Exclusively handcrafted for Promotional Products Group "and below that is the Ceramarte MADE IN BRAZIL logo. There are two characters incised on the bottom that could be anything from 15 to 38 depending on how you look at them. All over excellent condition.

AB110 $35.00
Material: Stoneware
Condition: Excellent
Color: Brown, cream, green, red, yellow, etc.

•Depth: 3 5/8" at maximum embossed horses
•Width: 5 11/16" including handle
•Height: 6 7/16"

Antique Beer Stein, Pre Pro Wayne Brewing Co Maddock's AB109.

Comments: This is a pre - prohibition piece, so get it while you can! The face logo is WAYNE BREWING Co. ERIE, PA. and the bottom is in script and reads Tho's Maddock's Son's Co. Trenton, N.J. What appears to be a chip on the mouth turns out to be something that happened at the factory before the final glaze, because even in the pictures you can see the unbroken gloss of the glaze in it and in person with magnification, you can see bubbles in the clear glaze at the bottom of that area. Two areas of white on the front are also not chips, but missing blue glaze. Harder to photograph was the area around and under the handle, where it looks like the darker blue part of the glaze got thick and dripped. The blue there is nearly black and is not entirely covered by the clear final glaze. A very rare piece to add to your collection!

AB109 $85.00
Material: Ceramic (?)
Condition: Antique Excellent
Color: Flow Blue

•Depth: 4 1/8" base
•Width: 5 1/4" including handle
•Height: 5 7/16"

SOLD Jax Beer Tape Measure for Distributor AB108.

Comments: Here's something rather unique; a Jax tape measure! The tape is metal and extends to 35" without forceful pulling, so I assume that to mean that it is a 36" measure. It does not retract on its own, but is easy to send home with just the smallest pressure. The hole on the opposing end is for attaching to a key ring. The front with the Jax logo is very clear and crisp; the back seems to have had a color bleed problem at some point. It says: LOUIS F MACHULKA "Distributor of JAX beer" and the part that comes after than says WHARTON -BAY CITY and I know this because I live in Wharton. Whatever word was at the bottom is lost and I cannot hazard a guess as to what it might have said.

AB108 $15.00
Material: Plastic & Metal
Condition: Very good
Color: Bone, red, golden

•Depth: 3/8"
•Width: 1 9/16"
•Height: 1 1/8"

Jax Beer Stein AB107.

Comments: Here is something a bit more rare; a Jax stein. Jax items are more difficult to find and what is mostly found with the name is either a bottle opener or a pilsner type glass. This stein is in excellent condition with some vague crazing that requires close examination to pick out. Bone color glaze inside and out with gold wheat and the red background that you associate with the Jax sign. Metallic gold on the rim is in very nice shape too. No chips or cracks.

AB107 $35.00
Material: Stoneware
Condition: Excellent
Color: Bone red gold

•Depth: 3 5/8" base
•Width: 5 1/8" at top of handle
•Height: 5 3/4"

SOLD Ceramarte For Budweiser Stein 1988, 8 Horse Hitch AB106.

Comments: Excellent condition all over, the bottom has some residue from a sticker that you can remove if you wish. The bottom reads: " Handcrafted expressly for Anheuser - Busch, Inc. 1988 Collector's Series The tradition of the World Famous Budweiser Clydesdales continues. This special edition stein sshows the hitch in festive holiday harness crossing a country bridge. " Paper label still intact and a number which may (or may not) be 60 is present also.

AB106 $18.00
Material: Stoneware
Condition: Excellent
Color: Brown, black, green, red, etc.

•Depth: 3 7/8" base
•Width: 5 1/8" including handle
•Height: 6 1/2"

Budweiser Barrel Stein Mug Ceramarte, Pre-Date AB105.

Comments: Wonderfully rendered barrel design for Budweiser by Ceramarte, the 'rust' on the nails and bands looks very realistic. This was made before Ceramarte began dating their items (which I believe was sometime in the 1980's) and has only the aluminized paper label. Heavily embossed A&Eagle appears on both faces of the stein; look through the pictures to see why you want this mug! Everything about this stein is in wonderful condition, inside and outside.

AB105 $65.00
Material: Stoneware
Condition: Excellent
Color: Tan, brown

•Depth: 4 5/16" across embossed eagles
•Width: 5 7/8" at handle
•Height: 5 1/2"

Antique Advertising Beer Budweiser Clock Clydesdale Team AB104.

Comments: Of course it works; I would not show you a clock that didn't. This one is the perfect clock for the game room or wet bar, or even a kitchen if you like the kitchen to be a bit different and not full of cows, chickens, pigs, strawberries, or whatever. As you can see, the clock offers a bit of dimension by having the white face below "Budweiser" tilted back and the gold wagon and team in front of it. The clock's hands are actually on the outside of the cover, which seems to give it even more depth somehow. There is a small section of bead chain (the string is long gone) to pull to turn on the light behind the face.

AB104 $65.00
Material: Plastic
Condition: Excellent
Color: White, red, etc.

•Depth: N/A"
•Width: 13 1/2"
•Height: 13 1/2"

SOLD Antique Advertising Beer Ashtray Pearl AB103.

Comments: Not much Pearl stuff out there, so I'm glad to have this ashtray for you, and even more glad that it is in such good condition. It is actually in better condition than the pictures show; that cloudy area at the top of the red triangle in the picture on the right is not there anymore. I didn't see that until the pictures were loaded, and I have since cleaned that off, since it was on the inside and the paint is actually on the outside. So you have no scarred or missing paint, and no clouds, chips, or cracks to the glass, either.

AB103 $8.00
Material: Glass
Condition: Excellent
Color: Clear with red logo

•Depth: N/A"
•Width: 4 15/16"
•Height: N/A"

Antique Advertising Beer Ashtray Falstaff AB102.

Comments: Not much Falstaff stuff available to collectors nowadays, so I am pleased to have this little piece for you. As you can see in the photos, the paint is in great shape, and the iridizing is in great shape too! No chips or cracks, so it will be a nice piece to add to your collection.

AB102 $16.00
Material: Glass
Condition: Excellent
Color: Marigold iridized glass with red text

•Depth: N/A"
•Width: 3 7/16"
•Height: N/A"

Antique Advertising Beer Glass Lone Star AB101.

Comments: This is the 'barrel' glass that used to come across the bar to you upended over the top of your opened beer bottle. That was before taverns became such dives that the simple courtesy of a glass became unknown; 'ladies' didn't drink beer out of a bottle and men of decent breeding didn't, either. This is the Shield logo, below which appears the legend "makes the most of nature's best". The paint is in excellent condition, with no fading or scratches.

AB101 $18.00
Material: Glass
Condition: Excellent
Color: Clear w Red Logo

•Depth: N/A"
•Width: "
•Height: 3 1/8"