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Schlitz Brown Bottle, Twist Top, $8.00

Here is a Schlitz Beer bottle; I am assuming 7oz due to the 7 on the bottom of the bottle, but I’m willing to assume that you know a lot more about it than I know!  The embossed logos at the neck are the only ornamentation on the bottle.  There is no reference to whether this is refillable, so I assume that it is NOT.  

It measures about 5 1/2″ tall and is about 2 1/2″ wide at the widest point of the barrel.  Exterior is in good condition, with no problems at the mouth or at the base.  The inside is dirty and I leave the cleaning of it to you, as I may do that differently than you would.   Nice little bottle to round out a budding collection. 




Michelob Beer Goblet $8.00

Clear glass stemmed goblet with the Michelob Logo.  The logo is in good, clean condition on both sides of the glass, indicating that it has not been in a dishwasher!  Mouth is not chipped, nor is the base.  A bit of dust from display, but other than that, it is ready to go into your collection.  


It measures 6″ tall, just under 3 5/8″ OD at the mouth and 3″ across the foot.

Pearl Beer Bottle, Twist Top, $8.00

Nice little Pearl Beer bottle.  The older Pearl stuff is getting more and more difficult to find, so I’m happy to have at least this one thing for you at this time.  Twist off top, I assume, as there are threads on the mouth.  The bottom edge of the sides say NOT TO BE REFILLED on one side and NO DEPOSIT NO RETURN on the opposing side.  I assume it is a 7oz bottle, based on the 7 on the bottom; maybe a coincidence because I’m honestly not that well versed in this venue.


Measures a bit under 6 1/2″ tall and is a little less than 2 1/2″ in diameter at the widest point.  I judge it in good shape due to the lack of chips at the mouth or base, embossing of logos is nice, too.  Inside will need cleaning and that’s on you to decide how or if you should do that.


Budweiser Beer Tap Handle, $25.00


Budweiser Beer tap handle in enamel painted wood, has decals on both sides and goldtone metal finial and threaded base.  An area of chipped paint seen in a main photo to the left and a closeup to the right is the extent of anything that could be considered damage, apart from a slight loosening of the decal at one end, easily fixed if it bothers you.  I’m fairly sure this saw actual use, rather than being a general public retail offering; that’s my OPINION.

This is a nice size, being a bit over 12″ in height, so it’s an attention grabber in your home bar or man cave.  


It measures 6″ tall, just under 3 5/8″ OD at the mouth and 3″ across the foot.


Hamms Beer Mug, $25.00

Nice Hamm’s Beer mug by Ceramarte, marking the 1973 Oktoberfest.  As you can see in the photos, it is more likely that this was displayed in someone’s home bar or hidden in a cabinet somewhere rather than having actually been used, or if so, then saw very little use.  Gloss is bright and intact inside, outside and bottom, as seen in the photos. 

Nice to note that Ceremarte did more than just Budweiser mugs and steins.  I’m not really certain when Ceramarte started putting dates on the bottom imprint of the items they produced, but I do know that the earlier examples did not have this info in the imprint.


Measures just under 6″ tall and is 3″ OD at the mouth, 3 1/2″ OD at the base and 4 3/4″ across the body to the outermost reach of the handle.

Miller Beer Tap Handle, $25.00

This is a half round representation of a Miller Beer bottle with a threaded base to screw it on to a tap.  Most likely, this was acquired by way of an actual bar, rather than as a result of any other path.  It is some sort of mid-weight plastic; I would think it is Lucite or something similar, based on the weight and the excellent clarity. 
As you see in the photo low center left, it measures about 9″ tall and something over 2″ wide.  The labels are in great shape, apart from a bit of wrinkling as a result of this actually being used, as opposed to being a retail offering to the general public and these labels are present front and back.  It is not chipped, not cracked; a nitpicker may search and find faint scratches, but there is nothing that makes it less than very attractive, whether you use it in your home bar or as an awesome addition to a man cave.