Antiques for every part of your life



We stock a wide variety, from your kitchen to your dining room, bedroom to bathroom, game room to living room.

Below, you’ll see photos of the inside of the shop.  The drop down menu to your left will get you to your favorite category to see what I currently have for you!

The Antiques category is of course, a collection of ones; one item, available only one time and not to be seen again, once it goes to its new owner.  If you want it, buy it; I cannot get another one for you. 



thinking outside the box

Just because it looks like it goes in the garden shed outside, doesn’t mean it can’t enjoy a place in your kitchen, dining room, bathroom; use your imagination!

Mancaves & more

Advertising antiques include oil company, grocery company, beverage company and oh, so much more!

inside or outside?


Larger, heavier items can, of course, only be purchased at my brick & mortar location, but that’s as good an excuse as any to see the shop in person.