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SOLD Rhodolite Garnet 3-Stone Ring.

All Rhodolite Garnet, all the time!  Rhodolite Garnet has a distinctive purplish cast to the red that no other Garnet can match.  This is a delicate ring that still has a lot of power to make itself noticed.  The center stone is Opposed Bar cut on the surface of the Bridge shape, and measures 10mm x 6mm.  The Princess cut stones at each side, mounted on the point for the novel effect it provides, are each 5mm x 5mm.  This is a customized mounting using a Tourmaline head for the center stone to keep it open for more light diffusion.  It is $225.00. 

Unique Mozambique Garnet Ring.

Another wonderful shape for those of you who like it like that.  This Marquise cut, Mozambique Garnet measures 3.5mm x 8mm.  Mounted here in this unusual setting, it is sure to bring a barrage of compliments!  It is $75.00.

SOLD Garnet & Citrine Ring.

This is a custom design; a Shield cut Garnet from Mozambique and a pair of Golden Orange Citrine Trillions.  The colors look amazing together!  I think the picture far right best represents the colors here.  The remarkable Shield cut in the center measures 10mm from point to flat plane, and 8mm across the wide end.  The Trillions are 5mm each to a side, so this ring has a lot of presence, and is one of a kind.  It is $145.00.

Mozambique Garnet, Hexagon Cut Solitaire Ring.

WOW.  What a treasure we have here!  The pictures clearly show you the very unusual hexagon cut of this wonderful 8mm (measured from flat to flat, not from point to point) Garnet from Mozambique.  What they cannot show you is the sparkle, fire, and dance of this intensely red stone.  There is not even the smallest hint of muddy brown to the red.  The nasty brownish garnets come mostly from Madagascar and Brazil.  I have never found garnets with color more perfect and desirable than these beauties from Mozambique.  Cost a bit more, and worth every penny.  The 6-prong mounting serves to secure the stone without hiding any of the marvelous cutting.  Unique and precious, it is $85.00.