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Glass & Pottery

These next pages will deal with some of the pottery and glass I have in the shop.  Please be aware that, as always, these items are available for purchase in my shop too, not just on the website.

First, a word about 'Vaseline Glass.'  Depression-green glass is NOT Vaseline glass, whatever you may be told in any antique shop.  The term 'Vaseline' refers to a color, (not the property of glowing brightly when exposed to black light;) and that color is the yellow, slightly tinged with green, of the old petroleum jelly.  Depression-green glass is simply that; depression green glass.  Yes, it glows in a black light; so do some kinds of red glass, blue glass, and other colors of glass, but the only ones that are Vaseline are the yellow ones that turn an electric, slightly greenish bright yellow under a black light.  The presence of depleted uranium oxide reacting to black light is what makes some of the old glass glow.  This material was present in many types and colors of both glass and pottery, including the old Fiesta dinnerware by Homer Laughlin; most notoriously the Cobalt Blue and Fiesta Red colors.  The reason that I mention this is because I want you to understand that when I present a piece of glass as 'depression-green,' it is exactly that, and yes it will glow in a black light.  On the other hand, if I present a piece as 'Vaseline,' you can bet the house that it is true Vaseline, not simple depression-green glass.  My purpose is to educate both buyer and seller on this point, so that buyers do not pay 'Vaseline' price for depression green glass, and so that sellers don't look stupid by incorrectly marking their items.

My glassware is all genuine to the period I ascribe to it.  I do NOT deal in reproduction glassware, any more than I deal in any other sort of reproduction antique or collectible.  "Repops", as we in the business call them, should be sold in discount stores only; not in antique shops or on antique websites. 

In pottery, as in all things, I like the more unusual rather than the common, mundane items of no import.  This is why McCoy pottery is rarely featured, and only once in the greatest while will I show a piece of Roseville; when I DO present them, you will be able to rest assured that you will not be buying a reproduction.  There will be the occasional piece that I question by makers who did not mark their art pottery, and those questions will be most clearly stated.  I will never ascribe a maker to an unmarked pottery piece if I am not able to document and prove my assertion.  On those items where I simply have NO idea who produced them, I am not in the least embarrassed to say so.  There will be those items that I acquired simply because I thought them beautiful, and those I acquire because I have seen little or nothing like them before.  These items are for those who are more knowledgeable than I in regards to the maker of the piece.

So have a look around, and remember that I am always approachable to those with questions or comments, or those who are looking for something specific that does not appear on my pages.  Just because you don't see it, it doesn't mean that I don't have it; and just because I don't have it does not mean that I cannot make the effort to acquire it for you.