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White Graniteware Biggin, $50.00

Here is a vintage graniteware biggin for coffee.  Some superficial chips as shown in photos, but no damage that affects use or display, at least in my opinion.  Best thing about this one is that there are no missing parts; the top filter is still present and in most cases with these old biggins, that part is long gone by the time you find the coffee pot.  This one says MADE IN BELGIUM in blue on the bottom, the rim color is black and the finial on the lid may be either painted wood or bakelite; I’m leaning toward bakelite because there is no suggestion of grain and we usually see that even when the wood is painted. 

It measures about 9″ tall and is 3 1/4″ wide at the base and 6 1/2″ at the widest point across handle and spout.  This one has some weight; not four-coat weight, but not that recent cheap stuff that feels like a spray painted aluminum can.  I would judge date of manufacture between the 1940’s and maybe late 1950’s.  All around nice addition to your vintage kitchen. 




Chrysolite Graniteware Pudding Pan $85.00

SOLD Even without using flash, this is still so shiny that the light bounced off and made the top left picture appear as though there is a big white place; there isn’t.  This is the lovely blue-green color referred to as chrysolite; it is not teal, not primary green, but it is increasingly rare to find this color on an item in good condition, as they are mostly all collected up by now.  Older piece that has nice weight and white interior with black rim; those “swirl” pieces you see where the swirl is inside and outside are newly made, just as a piece of information to help you with future shopping; those pieces are also very light weight because they are cheaply made trash. 

The chips you see are superficial in nature and do little or nothing to harm the usefulness or displayability of this pudding pan, or small basin if you prefer.  Color is really strong all over and the interior is still very white and shiny, too.  Lovely piece for a hardcore collector and as a gift for a novice collector, this would elevate you to the status of hero!


It measures 3 1/2″ tall, and 9 1/4″ in diameter.

Orange Graniteware Cream Can or Milk Can, $35.00

Orange cream can (sometimes called a milk can) in beautiful condition.  Made in Poland, most likely in the 1960’s, it is bright, solid orange in color with black rims.  I cannot hazard a guess as to why the edge of the lid has those larger chips or maybe just missing color, as there is no corresponding damage inside.  The lid locks into position smoothly and unlocks just as smoothly.  As you see in the photos, this is as nearly pristine as any I’ve ever had.  Wooden bail on heavy gauge wire held in place by earloops, as seen in the photos, orange inside and out, as was usual in the later Poland makes like this one.  Nice weight, doesn’t feel cheap and cheesy like that awful stuff they started churning out in the 1990’s.


Measures a bit under 10 1/4″ tall to the top of the lid’s loop and is 4 3/4″ in diameter at the base.  

Robin Egg Graniteware Pudding Pan, $45.00

Here is a Vintage graniteware pudding pan or small basin in blue swirl.   The color is sort of a robin egg blue; kind of turquoise-y, not the usual light or medium blue, not cobalt blue.  Very nice condition, with no big chips.  The inside has lost its gloss and has numerous scratches, but nothing very distracting from the overall presentability.  There is what I call a “rub ring” on the bottom that results from being slid across a surface repeatedly; it doesn’t penetrate the porcelain down to the metal or anything, but I wanted you to be aware of it.   I will say that none of the pictures are 100% accurate for color and I do not know why that is. 

It measures about 10 1/4″ OD across the flanged edge and is 3 1/4″ tall. The base is 7 1/4″ in diameter.  Lovely addition to your vintage kitchen. 




Light Blue Graniteware Ladle, $24.00


This ladle is in such nice shape!  It’s a good, clean light blue, represented pretty accurately by the photo on the left.  Only the faintest edge-breach in the porcelain along the handle, as shown in the collage bottom right.  It is unlikely that this was used at all; probably just shuffled around in a utensil drawer. 

The handle itself is 10 1/2″ long to the bowl of the ladle.  The bowl is 3 3/4″ in diameter and is 1 1/2″ deep.  Lighter colors like this are hard to find, and it has nice weight, too, not like that cheesy stuff they started reproducing in the eighties.


Grey Graniteware 1 Quart Liquid Measure, $65.00

 Grey graniteware liquid measure; notice the usual abbreviation of “1Qt.” followed by the contracted “Liq’d”.  Possibly didn’t occur to anyone to just make the characters a bit smaller so that the “ui” could be there too.  This is a small, tight grey swirl, not really a grey relish.  Only very minimal areas of rust, as you can see even in these smaller photos.  There are no rusty places that go through the metal to make holes.  The outside gloss is very nice and shiny, while the inside finish is somewhat dulled from use.  I have not attempted to clean that so it may be mineral deposits, but I’m not certain.


Measures 6″ tall to the spout and is 4 1/4″ across the base.