Shoes & Clothing Items, Mostly Unworn

Soft Surroundings Chambray Maxi Dress With Vest, $95.00



Soft Surroundings Chambray Denim Maxi Dress 

This is a wonderful dress, entirely unworn.  I bought it for $128.00 and I think the vest was $75.00, but I’ve slept since then so don’t remember.  I got it home, snipped the tags off and threw them away, tried it on and realized that I needed to be about 4″ taller to pull this off without heels, so into the closet it went and now I’m offering it to you.  The vest is a lovely woven piece with fringe; photo top right shows the inside, turquoise color.   Buttons all present and snug, side pockets as well as breast pockets, sleeves have interior tabs if you want them rolled up.  Comes with the original tie belt, which I hung on the inside hanging loop of the dress. 

Measurements are:

55½” Length from base of collar to hem, taken at the back.  15¾” Shoulder seam to shoulder seam across the back.  25″ Sleeve from shoulder to cuff hem, 16″ from armpit to cuff hem. 

Material is 100% Tencel Lyocel, so will feel much like bamboo fabric; wonderfully soft and cool to the touch.  Would also be great as an open duster coat!



Pink Waterproof Clogs, Size 7,  $14.00




Lightweight Waterproof Clogs, Women’s Size 7

These are nearly weightless, waterproof working shoes for anyone who wants comfort with no feeling of heaviness.  The strap can go to the top of the instep or behind your heel, as you prefer.  Perfect daily wear, even if you are NOT a nurse or lab tech.  I love them, but wear a 7½ and I can just barely feel the end of the shoe with my toe and I know it would drive me crazy.  I bought these in pink and in white, took out the white ones and tried them on, realized I made a mistake and so now they’re for you.  



Lightweight Waterproof Clogs, White, Size 7, $14.00



White Strap/No Strap Clogs, Waterproof Working Shoes, Women’s 7

Here are the waterproof clogs in white; entirely unworn, but no outer plastic bag, as I threw it away before I tried them on.  The outer surface pattern of these is what I call “pebbled”, as opposed to the pink ones above, which I call “fake perforated.”  As you see in the photos, the back strap can be moved to the top of the instep if you choose.  These run more true to size than I was used to; I wear a 7½ and 7’s usually work in this type of shoe, but not this time.  Enjoy my folly! 

White Tunic, Sumi Painted Look, Size M, $8.00



Sleeveless Tank or Tunic Dress, Sumi-Painted Look, Women’s Size S/M

This is one of my errors in judgement and I bought several different ones.  It is VERY pretty and imitates sumi painting with watercolor and I’m sure that’s what drew me to it.  Unfortunately for me, the overall cut and design of the tunic is for someone younger than me and I have no wish to be a mutton dressed as a lamb.  There is one tiny snag, shown in the collage bottom right, that can be snipped off if you want.  I washed this when it arrived, tried it on, looked in the mirror and said “who are you kidding?”  It looks shorter in the photos for some reason than it does when it’s right in front of you.  It has not been worn.

It measures: 

31″ long from back neckline to hem. 

20″ from sideseam to sideseam. 

30½” seam to seam at hem.