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Old Kitchen & Table Items 

Antique Kitchen Matchbox Holder, Rooster AK107.

Comments: Mimics the California Provincial pattern of Metlox's Poppy Trail collection and matches a set of square wooden cannisters from the same period too. The stamp on the back says MADE IN JAPAN FOR WOODPECKER PRODUCTS . Excellent condition; very little if any use for this one.

AK107 $17.00
Material: Wood
Condition: Excellent
Color: Natural wood with rooster in black and white with red and yellow details

•Depth: 2 1/4" body, 3 1/2" base
•Width: 3"
•Height: 6 15/16"

Antique Kitchen String Holder, Apple House with Worm AK106.

Comments: We've displayed this with a length of wax cord coming out of it; that's what you see in the photos. Very little wear to this most likely translates as very little use. While the apple shape was the most common, the 'worm 'house' addition is a bit harder to find.

AK106 $27.00
Material: Plaster
Condition: Excellent
Color: Red, yellow, green, black

•Depth: 2 1/4"
•Width: 4 1/2" across leaves, 4 1/4" at widest point of apple
•Height: 6 3/4" approximately


Antique Kitchen Ice Cream Scoop, Red with Yellow AK105.

Comments: Cheerful red plastic ice cream scoop with yellow pusher. Inside back of the handle reads: LLOYD DISHER CO. PAT. 2239046 DECATUR ILL. I would say that this one most likely has not been used. The mechanism to push out the scoop is still very tight with no 'play' in it. Really nice item!

AK105 $24.00
Material: Plastic
Condition: Excellent
Color: Red with Yellow

•Depth: 2 9/16" across the pusher
•Width: 2 1/4" scoop
•Height: 7 5/8" long

Antique Kitchen Angelfood Cake Pan, Swan's Down Flour AK104.

Comments: The 'end' tabs shown open and closed are designed to help release the cake from the pan when it is done. The printing on the tabs says: SWAN'S DOWN CAKE PAN PAT. DEC 18-23 E.KATZINGER CO CHICAGO LICENSED MFRS and the inside base of the pan is embossed: SWAN'S DOWN CAKE FLOUR MAKES BETTER CAKES . Some very small areas of light rust that I have not cleaned because some clients like to leave it alone, especially if the pan is not going to be used. Light rust like this can be removed with very fine steel wool.

AK104 $19.00
Material: Metal
Condition: Excellent
Color: Slight olive-tone, could be natural to the metal.

•Depth: N/A"
•Width: 8 9/16" outside diameter
•Height: 3 9/16" to top of rim, 5" to top of center cylinder

Antique Kitchen Mixing Utility Bowl, Yellow Ware AK103.

Comments: Square base with wonderfully deco embellishments at baseline and at rim. Wider blue stripe flanked by narrow pink stripe above and below constitutes the pattern here. Missing area of blue glaze photographed for you here (factory anomaly) and tiny areas in the unglazed edge of the mouth are also most likely factory related as there are no chips or cracks present here. While the bottom is glazed, the top edge and the underside of the of the top rim are not glazed. Very nice addition to your collection!

AK103 $37.00
Material: Crockery
Condition: Excellent
Color: Light Yellow Ware with pink & blue

•Depth: N/A
•Width: 9 9/16" outside diameter
•Height: 5 7/16"

Antique Kitchen Mixing Utility Bowl, Pottery Rose & Bone AK102.

Comments: I am unable to assign a maker's name to this. Pattern of vertically scored ribs on the body and chasing rectangles on the outer rim. Some tiny pin-dots in the glaze are photographed for you here; these are factory anomalies and are not damage. All around lovely condition and ready for your kitchen.

AK102 $29.00
Material: Pottery
Condition: Excellent
Color: Deep rose fading to bone

•Depth: N/A
•Width: 9" outside diameter
•Height: 4 5/8"

SOLD Antique Waffle Pancake Syrup Pitcher Dispenser, Large AK101.

Comments: This is the more difficult one to find; the large, hand painted, frosted glass syrup from Hazel Atlas. As you know, Hazel Atlas was responsible for a great deal of the Depression Period glassware; decorative, table services and utility items. Everything about this syrup is in excellent condition, from the condition of the glass itself to the hand painted pattern, to the red plastic screw-on lid with the spring loaded slide closure. The bottom is marked 5378 and 12, in addition to the HA mark. I would estimate the capacity at around a quart.

AK101 $45.00
Material: Glass body, plastic & metal lid
Condition: Excellent
Color: Red, white, black, etc.

•Depth: NA"
•Width: 5"
•Height: 9"