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Loose Amethyst, Ametrine, Citrine

Loose Pearls can be found on the Loose Pearls page

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Here are some loose Amethyst, Ametrines, and Citrines for you; some are accent sizes, some are centerpiece sizes.  Those shown in multiple-stone packages are sold only as the whole package, and when multiple same-size packages are offered, there will be a number/letter designation at the end of the title line.  Please include this identifying code when ordering, so that you will be certain to receive exactly the package you want.

Loose Oval Citrine, 2.60cts. 

Very fiery stone in person, not so much here in the photos!  Excellent clarity and color, nice faceting, so an all around very pretty Golden Citrine!  It measures 8mm x 10mm x 6.5mm and this estate find is most likely IF clarity, but for argument's sake I will call it VVS.  $45.00. 

Golden Citrine Loose Round Stone.

Good clean color in person, this is an estate purchase and it is a small one measuring only 5mm in diameter and 3.5mm in depth for a weight of .45cts.  Clarity is most likely IF but we'll call it VVS.  $25.00. 

Golden Citrine Loose Gemstone, Square Princess. 

This is rather a unique cutting for a small stone; this estate find is step cut as you can see in the picture farthest right.  It measures 5mm x 5mm up top and is deeply cut for its smaller size at 4mm, so is nearly the same every direction!  Excellent color (much better than pictured) and IF-VVS clarity, it is $25.00. 

Golden Citrine, Emerald Cut Loose Gemstone.

Another estate find, this Citrine measures 7mm x 5mm x 3mm and weighs in at .95ct.  Like all the older stones, the color and clarity are better than the average find of today; it's IF-VVS and $35.00. 

2.45ct Fancy Oval Cut Amethyst, Uruguay.

I list Uruguay as the most likely origin point because of the color level and the hot pink flash of this stone.  The top edge cutting is much like Concave cutting, but this one has a nice big table and the underneath cutting is a modified standard Oval cut. The result is excellent flash in this VS-VVS clarity stone.  Wonderful color saturation with no dead spots and no windowing, it measures 10mm x 8mm x 4.5mm for a weight of 2.45cts.  $45.00. 

Package of 10 Golden Citrine, 4mm Round Cut 2.3cttw. 

Beautiful color and VVS-IF clarity, this lot is destined to stand alone or become part of a bigger picture.  The package is $50.00. 

3pc Package, Palest Green Amethyst, 1.2cttw.

These are extremely light in color, making them best as accents to a very strongly green stone, such as Green Sapphire or the Forest Green Amethyst seen further down this page.  Excellent clarity at VVS, they measure 5mm x 7mm and the group is $20.00. 

8mm x 6mm Pear Cut Madeira Citrine, VVS.

Averaging 1.05cts each, they measure 8mm x 6mm and have the fabulous clarity and the beautiful deep color that you expect when you buy stones from me!  These will be the gorgeous center of attention in your new piece of jewelry, whether you buy one or several.  They are $15.00 each. 

8mm x 6mm Octagon Emerald Cut Deep Golden Citrine.

These are the magnificent color of the old genuine Golden Topaz, before that stone literally disappeared off the face of the earth some 35 years ago, making Citrine the birthstone for November in the place of Golden Topaz.  Being a November baby myself, I am excruciatingly aware of the lack of a widely available stone of the CORRECT color; this is IT.  The color photographed fairly well, but in person the stones are just a bit richer, just a hint more golden/orange than shown above.  They weigh approximately 1.25cts each; not 'sneezers.'  Here's your chance for the perfect color, perfect cut, perfect price at only $15.00 each.  

Madeira Citrine, Emerald Octagon Cut, 30+cts.

Color is MUCH more intense in reality; it is that fabulous Madeira Citrine color that is so prized for it's brilliant flashes of lava-hot orange and red/orange.  This one will truly stun you in person.  It is IF clarity from Brazil and measures 22mm x 18mm x 10mm for a weight of 30.65cts.  Even so, it is only $85.00. 

SOLD Trillion Cut Purple Amethyst, Over 20cts.

Mined in Uruguay measuring 18mm x 18mm x 10mm, it weighs 20.30cts and has IF clarity.  The specks are lint, not defects and the colors have not been enhanced; these are pictures taken by me of the actual stone you will receive.  A magical monster, this one is $65.00.      

Deep Orange Madeira Citrine Pear, 26.65cts.

Another big, beautiful monster with IF clarity and exceptionally nice color, this one measures 22.5mm x 18mm face-up and 12mm depth.  The deep orange is accomplished by the war between red, orange/red and golden yellow for a lot of flash from a big-table stone like this.  Don't mind the facial tissue lint seen in the photos; that will be removed before your stone arrives!  It is $85.00.

Amethyst Oval, 7mm x 5mm Uruguay.

This one has IF clarity, meaning Internally Flawless.  It measures 7mm x 5mm and weighs .70ct, and has photographed well for color here.  Nice centerpiece to work from for a delicate 3 stone ring.  It is $22.00.

SOLD Madeira Citrine, Octagon Square.

Running just shy of 17cts, this beauty measures 15.2 x 14.8 x 11 mm.  Madeira Citrine is one of the most beautiful of gemstones, with its rich, deep Cognac color laced with red.  The clarity is VVS, bordering on IF, and this would be a marvelous addition to your gemstone collection or jewelry wardrobe.  It is $65.00.

Unusual Vertical Ametrine.

The pictures are not nearly good enough to show you the beauty of this particular Ametrine.  The thing that makes this one unique is that the color split runs with the length of the stone instead of running with the width of the stone, which is the usual way.  This is an especially nice modified Emerald cut measuring 11m x 9mm on the face, and 7mm in depth for a carat weight of 5.40.  It is $55.00.

Scissor Emerald Cut Ametrine.

At 5.35cts, this is a stone to reckon with.  Nice 60/40 split with good color and top notch clarity, it measures 12.1mm x 9.0mm and is 6.35mm deep, so can be placed in a 10x12 mounting with no problems.  It is $55.00.

Excellent Emerald Cut Ametrine.

Okay, jump on this!  Look how clean the split is on this one, and how good the color!  The size is 10.4mm x 7.94mm with a depth of 4.8mm, so it will fit any standard 8x10 mounting.  It is also a good choice to be the focus of one of my smith's imaginative pieces custom built just for you.  It weighs 3.14cts and has excellent VVS clarity.  It is $50.00.

SOLD Madeira Orange Citrine, Round Octagon Cut.

The pictures don't lie; the color really is this good!  As you can see, the stone is nearly as deep as it is across; it measures 13mm flat to flat X 13.2mm point to point X 10.9 mm in depth for a weight of 11.35cts.  A very high Tiffany-style ring mounting would be wonderful if you are careful when wearing it, or perhaps you have something else in mind.  From Brazil, it is unheated and has a fabulous IF clarity rating along with its fabulous top orange color.  It is $65.00.

Impressive Ultra-Simple Pear Cut Amethyst.

Here is the perfect example of the description "less is more."  This stone has only three actual facets that separate the upper and lower tables of the stone.  Each facet runs all the way around the stone, similar to the beveling of glass, leaving nothing but the clarity and color of this wonderful gem in its wake.  Not an exceptionally large stone, it measures 15mm x 10mm with a depth of 4mm and a weight of 3.7cts.  A dramatic stone, it is only $45.00.