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Loose Sapphires

Loose Pearls can be found on the Loose Pearls page.

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Here are some loose Sapphires for you; some are accent sizes, some are centerpiece sizes.  Those shown in multiple-stone packages are sold only as the whole package, and when multiple same-size packages are offered, there will be a number/letter designation at the end of the title line.  Please include this identifying code when ordering, so that you will be certain to receive exactly the package you want.

5pc Blue Sapphire Princess Lot, 1.5CTTW.

For your consideration, a package of 5 pieces, deep and obvious blue Sapphires.  They each measure approximately 4mm x 4mm Square cut and would be VS-VVS clarity.  The total carat weight of the five pieces is 1.5 and yours for $50.00.

1.85ct Oval Pink Sapphire. 

Excellent strong color, this Sapphire measures 7.9mm x 6.6mm x 4.2mm and is VVS/IF clarity.  Beryllium heating probable, it is $70.00. 

2.06ct Pear Cut Pink Sapphire.

Just slightly darker than Baby Pink, the color is fairly represented in the photos, according to my monitor.  The center picture shows a strange orange-y spot in the center which is NOT present in the stone, but some bizarre trick of the reflection of the stone in my lens.  Beryllium heating probable, the Sapphire measures 11.5mm x 6.4mm x 3.7mm, VVS/IF and is $85.00. 

2.26ct Intense Pink Sapphire, Oval Cut.

A deep, powerful nearly Raspberry Pink, this is a fabulous Sapphire!  It measures 9.1mm x 6.7mm x 4.2mm and is VVS/IF clarity.  Beryllium heating probable, $85.00. 

2.29ct Medium Pink Sapphire, Oval Cut.

A very blue-toned Pink, this Sapphire measures 8.9mm x 7.3mm x 4.3mm and is VVS/IF in clarity.  Beryllium heating probable, it is $80.00. 

2.33ct Sparkling Pink Sapphire, Oval Cut.

Beryllium heating probable, this Pink Sapphire photographed slightly darker than its reality; the picture farthest left is the best color representation on my monitor.  Measuring 8.4mm x 7mm x 4.6mm, it is VVS/IF and $85.00.    

2.04ct Golden Yellow Ceylon Sapphire Oval. 

VVS/IF clarity, this little gem is sad because it didn't photograph as well as it should have.  There are NO brownish tones at ALL in this stone; it is a clean Golden Yellow; more yellow than orange, so to speak.  Measuring 8.5mm x 7.3mm x 5.4mm, it is very well cut and would be a fabulous addition to your next piece of jewelry.  It is $85.00. 

2.7ct Marquise Yellow Sapphire, Ceylon. 

VVS/IF clarity, this wonderful Marquise cut looks larger than its 2.7ct weight would imply.  It measures 13.4mm x 6.7mm x 3.7mm which gives it a very dramatic face up appeal.  Excellent Golden Yellow color, from Ceylon to you it is $125.00.

2.8ct Golden Orange Sapphire From Ceylon. 

Larger table and fine cut edges give this one a rare sparkle.  VVS clarity, mined and cut in Ceylon, the color is Orange/Yellow rather than Yellow/Orange.  It measures 9.9mm x 7.4mm x 5.4mm and weighs 2.8cts.  Stunning stone, it is only $135.00. 

2.35ct Ceylon Yellow Sapphire Oval. 

Smaller top table and brilliantly executed cutting make this Oval the one to choose.  Softly, brightly pastel yellow with golden sparkles, it is gently yet powerfully beautiful.  Measuring 9.5mm x 7.6mm x 5.6mm, it is VVS clarity from Ceylon and yours for $115.00.

2.51ct Yellow Ceylon Sapphire Oval.

VVS clarity, beautiful Yellow that is deeper than the photos; not Orange, but definitely leaning hard toward Golden.  Big table and traditional cutting display the clarity to advantage.  It measures 9.8mm x 7.7mm x 5.3mm to explain its weight, it is utterly beautiful and it is yours for only $100.00.    

Loose Yellow Golden Sapphire, Marquise Cut.

From Ceylon comes this heart-stopping Sapphire in one of my all time favorites, the Marquise Cut!  The color is rich and deep, ranging from Golden Yellow throughout to an impression of Orange along the edges where the complicated business of light refraction takes place between all those fantastic facets.  Measuring 13.9mm x 6.5mm on top and 3.4mm in depth, it weighs 2.64cts and looks like a whole lot more.  Far right on the Sapphire bar of my Presidium Gem Tester, the clarity is beyond magnificent, hovering gently around IF.  It's your call; $125.00.        

Matched Pair RBC White Sapphires, Diamond Color.

This pair was ordered for a client who then disappeared, so now you have the chance to own them.  Accent size stones for a ring or for classy subtle earrings, the stones measure each 3mm in Round Brilliant Cut and are Diamond D color, VVS-IF clarity.  This wonderful quality pair of Sapphires is yours for $20.00.

VVS Red-Orange Sapphire Trillion.

Nearly Padparadscha in color, they are magnificent VVS clarity Sapphires!  These are accent size trillions measuring 3.5mm each and averaging .20ct each.  Earrings, cluster ring, multistone pendant; the choice is yours.  They are $10.00 each. 

VVS Golden Sapphire Round. 

3.5mm each and average weight .20ct each.  Some of the color disappeared in the photos; they are much richer in color when you have them in front of you!  Fantastic VVS clarity and excellent cutting, buy one or buy several!  They are $6.00 each.  

Blue Marquise Sapphires, 5mm x 2.5mm VS.

The faintest touch of green is visible in some of these from only certain angles when the right combination of light comes along; otherwise they are just intensely blue!  Nice little accents or the main focus as a cluster, they average .10ct each.  Top notch color, very nice clarity; these are your Sapphires at $10.00 each. 

3.5mm Palest Blue Sapphire Rounds, IF/VVS.

Averaging .15ct each, these are SO beautiful in person!  At first glance the pale, silvery blue gets your attention; then the magnificent clarity and unbelievable light refraction mesmerizes you!  These are truly exceptional and they are $15.00 each. 

2.5mm VVS White Sapphire, Diamond E Color.

Actually, I have a batch marked 2.5mm and a batch marked 2.6mm, but I doubt you will be able to tell the difference with the naked eye or even with a bit of help, so I am selling all of them as 2.5mm just to make it easier.  These have brilliant sparkle, excellent clarity and wonderful color, or lack thereof!  How many do you need for your project?  They are only $8.00 each. 

6-Ray Black Star Sapphire Cabochon.

Measuring 12.8mm x 6.8mm x 4.8mm and weighing 5.12cts, this Black Star Sapphire comes to you direct from the cutter in Thailand.  A strange shade of black, it is at once black, dark grey and taupe.  I have a great deal of difficulty photographing Star stones as you can see; this one is a six-ray star and the only photo that caught it is the center photo.  It is $45.00. 

4pc. Package Blue Sapphires, 2.10cttw.

These ovals measure 4mm x 6mm for a total weight of 2.10cts.  They are slightly more green in person, plus the overall color is richer than their appearance above.  VS clarity, the package of four would make one or more delightful pieces of jewelry.  $25.00. 

SOLD Pink Sapphire Ovals, Pkg1L, Pkg2C, Pkg3R.

The package numbers indicate your choice of either the left, center, or right pairs of these pretty Raspberry Pink Sapphires.  The pairs left and right would be suitable for earrings, as they are well matched for size and color.  The center pair is a pair only so far as pair can be described as 'two.'  One is quite a lot larger than the other, so these would be best displayed as a ring or pendant with good design.  The two matched pairs are approximately 4mm x 6mm each, while the center pair's stones measure approximately 5mm x 7mm and 4mm x 5mm.  They are completely natural and untreated.  Choose a pair for $8.00.

16 Piece Multi Color Sapphire Rounds, 2.5mm.

These are a party waiting to happen!  Beautiful colors and clarity assembled here in this 16pc group of 2.5mm Round cut Sapphires!  As you can see in the pictures, 8 of them are Blue, and there are 2 Golden, 2 Yellow, 2 Pink, 1 Blush and 1 Red; these would make a beautiful ring, wouldn't they?  Excellent choice, the package is only $48.00.

White Sapphire Oval Package, 15 Pieces.

Also from Madagascar, we bring you this fantastic package of 4mm x 6mm White Sapphire VS Oval cuts.  Looking at the far left picture, you will see that the group of seven there has a slight pinkish cast, which would play very well as accent stones to something bigger used as a centerpiece, while the eight pieces to the right do not have this faint pink cast.  They will be sold as two separate packages; the seven Pink/White or the eight White Sapphires for $35.00; take all fifteen of them for $60.00.

Lot of 4 Blue Sapphire Ovals, Ceylon.

These are heated Sapphires, and the color is Blue beyond your most cherished fantasies about how Sapphire should be.  The package weighs 1.15cts, and these measure 4mm x 3mm, with a depth of 2.1mm, so these will be excellent accent stones.  This group is $35.00.

 Six Pieces, Oval Blue Sapphire, VS Ceylon.

These are heated, but are not treated in any way.  The clarity and richness of color is amazing; good clean deep blue, not midnight or black like so many of the cheap Sapphires sold commercially.  The total weight is 3.75cts, and they measure 5mm x 4mm with a depth of 3mm.  This package is yours for $60.00.