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Here we have our pearls, both loose and already made into beautiful jewelry for you.  Please understand that I will carry NO freshwater pearls at all (exceptions will be existing pearls in vintage jewelry,) and there is good reason for this.  Read more here.  Also, if the strand that you choose has a series of letters and numbers beside the title line, please include that series when ordering your pearls.  For care of your pearls, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.


For the discerning female on the catwalk or only on the sidewalk, Nim models some pearls for us.  Any season, any outfit, any place or occasion, pearls are purrrrfect.       

Bypass Ring, Two Eggplant Pearls.

Drop Baroque in shape, these two genuine Saltwater Black Pearls have a deep pink/purple cast that makes me think of eggplant.  Averaging 6mm in size, the bypass design of this ring goes horizontally rather than vertically.  Another excellent addition to your Pearl jewelry wardrobe, it is $145.00.

Pink Mabe Pearl Solitaire Ring, Abstract Mounting.

What a very clever mounting for this glorious Pink Mabe Pearl!  It could be a fish, a bird, or whatever you choose to see in it.  The Mabe Pearl has lovely rich color and nice luster and texture, so will be sure to please as a gift, whether for someone you love or for a treat for yourself.  The Mabe Pearl measures 10.13mm at the edge of the protective bezel.  This ring is $135.00.

Pink Mabe Pearl Ring, Double Band.

The color of the Pearl is actually best represented by the pictures of the ring above this one; for some reason my camera wanted to make a secret of the beautiful Pink color of this Mabe Pearl!  You can still see, however, that the Pearl has nice surface and luster, so all is not lost in the photos.  The double band design is quiet and dignified, letting the Pearl take center stage.  The Pearl measures 9.9mm at the edge of the bezel, and this ring is $125.00.

3 Strand Akoya Pearl Necklace w/Enhancer, Adjustable!

This is the most amazing thing yet!  Look closely at the two pictures of the clasp; especially the one showing the clasp open.  The clasp is all the way at one end of the three strand necklace, and each strand is attached to the clasp at one end by a Sterling ring.  The clasp itself is Sterling, and has a Black Oyster Shell Pearl mounted in the center.  It hinges open like a Lever Back earring, and is magnetic.  You simply drape the necklace around your neck, choose how you want it to lie, and clip the clasp shut around the three strands.  It is the most versatile necklace you will ever own.  The strands are each genuine Akoya Saltwater Pearls, all Perfect Round, and Cream White in color.  In size they are 5.5mm, with a 6.5mm at the loose end of each strand.  In length, without the clasp, the three strands measure 24 1/2", 26 1/2", and 28 1/2".  The necklace is $300.00.

Akoya Pearl & Gold Bead Necklace Strand.

This is so much lovelier in person!  6mm - 6.5mm Cream/White Akoya Pearls alternate with 3mm beads in 10kt Yellow gold for a look that is as casual or as formal as whatever you wear with them.  The strand is 17 3/4" long not including the 14kt Yellow Gold clasp.  This strand is $175.00.

Akoya Pearl & Gold Bead Necklace/Bracelet Set.

Here we have the necklace with a matching bracelet!  Since the clasps are also identical, the two pieces can be worn either as separate bracelet and necklace, or put together to form a longer necklace.  Beautiful luster and nacre make this an unbeatable set.  The Pearls are each 6mm-6.5mm in size, again with the 3mm 10kt Yellow Gold beads used as spacers.  The necklace is 17 1/4" long without the clasp, and the bracelet is 7" without the clasp.  The set is $255.00.

Akoya Pearl Strand, White, AAA Grading, 14kt YG Clasp. OP657W

These are breathtaking in their simplicity; the Akoya genuine saltwater pearl strand.  These are Perfect Round in shape, 6.5-7mm in size, and white with a very faint cream overtone.  The picture showing the entire strand best represents the true color.  The clasp is 14kt solid Yellow Gold, and the strand is 17 1/2" long not including the clasp.  In a major chain jewelry store, and with a brand name beginning with the letter "M" they would cost in excess of $800.00.  They are yours for $250.00.