All of my pottery & porcelain items are in excellent to pristine condition unless otherwise stated in their descriptions.

All pictures appearing in collages are saved separately on my computer, should you require them. 

All measurements are approximate to within 1/4″ +or-

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Pair of Abbingdon Candle Holders, Pink, $35.00


Lovely pair of Abbingdon candle holders; most likely part of a console set, but maybe not.  Both are marked; pay particular attention to the openings on the bottom of these where those marks are.  As you can see, these are glazed inside and the rough, raw edges of the openings are glazed too, so that’s not damage.  This color is very subtle, reminiscent of Robert Turner’s flamingos; a soft, slightly peachy, nearly edible shade of pink and a nicely satin or semi gloss finish that feels wonderful to the touch.

• 5 1/4″ at the widest point

• Just under 4 1/2″ tall at highest point

• Just under 4″ at the base

Double Handled Vase in Blue by Camark, $45.00

This is a beautiful blue piece from Camark.  The hazy mottled effect of the glaze is timeless and fits in nicely wherever it goes.  The mouth of the vase is ever so slightly oval instead of round, as shown by the measurements below.  Interior glaze is great too, meaning that most likely, no one left water standing in the vase for time out of mind.  The handles  are entirely intact, as is the rest of the vase.  Surface is satiny smooth, which compliments the almost matte glaze.  Beautiful addition to any room in your home.

• 5 7/8″ tall

• 4 1/4″ x 4 1/2″ mouth

• 3 3/8″ base diameter

Planter or Wide Mouth Vase by McCoy, Yellow, $25.00

Here is a wide mouth vase by McCoy; it could be meant as a planter, but the lack of a drainage hole makes that unlikely.  The shade of yellow is cheerful without being obnoxious about it.  I would have given the pattern name, but I simply do not recognize it and have not taken time to research it.  The photo upper right shows incomplete areas of glaze; these are FACTORY FLAWS, not damage.  The glaze is bright and glossy, both inside and outside, with no indication that water was left standing in the vase.  This would also make a nice utensil holder for your bamboo kitchen implements.  

• 6″ across mouth

• 5 1/4″ tall 

• 3 1/2″ across  base