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African Silver Topaz


Silver Topaz Solitaire, Custom Mounting.

This is the cut called "Fat Pear," and it looks almost like a heart cutting without the indent.   Notice the Chevron tip that ever so gently cradles the point of the stone while creating a unique focal point. This fantastic Silver Topaz is a 12mm x 12mm size, which brings it to something around 5 carats because of the depth of the stone.  The checkerboard cutting on the surface gives it a lot of sparkle and presence, so treat yourself to something that looks like $20,000 for only $175.00.

Wide Band 3 Stone Silver Topaz Ring.

Those of you who like the 'look at me' rings are going to love this one!  Three very nice Silver Topaz vie for your attention here.  The Oval cut center stone measures 10mm x 12mm for around 6cts, and the off-set side stones measure 6mm Round and 5mm Round.  The center stone is held in a tension mount from the east and west aspects, while the Rounds are each held by tension mounts from the vertical aspects.  The wide substantial mounting gleefully supports this asymmetrical display for a fabulous one of a kind go with everything ring.  It is $250.00.

African Silver Topaz Emerald Cut Solitaire.

Here is another of those rings that would do equally well for a man or a woman.  The stone is an African Silver Topaz, 10.66cts, that measures 13.5mm x 10mm.  It is Scissor cut, and then has a Diamond Checkerboard top cutting, also!  A lot of sparkle, and carefully secured in this 'long prong' mounting, which has the look of a tension mounting.  The scroll and bead work pulls all the looks together, and this one is $195.00.

African Silver Topaz & Iolite Ring.

For those who like the amazing, we have this 3-stone ring in African Silver Topaz and Iolite.  The African Silver Topaz is a Roll Top cut measuring 7mm x 11mm; an interesting non calibrated cut.  To keep it interesting throughout, there are the accents; Buff Trillion Iolites measuring 7mm x 7mm, and mounted with the apex facing up.  This is most visible in the center picture.  The Iolites have fabulous color; shaming Tanzanite into obscurity.  This is a special build due to the non calibrated sizes of the stones; it is one of a kind, and it is $225.00.

Silver Topaz Roll Top Solitaire Ring.

Slightly more petite, this ring is a very believable charmer!  The African Silver Topaz that graces the center measures 7mm x 11mm, and has the wonderful 'walking water' effect that we all love this cut for.  It is securely mounted in a Tourmaline head built just for this non-calibrated stone.  This very special ring is $175.00.