Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Ornaments shown below are mostly 1960’s and previous; enjoy!

4 Piece Jewel-Brite Ornaments $19.00

Jewel-Brite Diorama Ornaments, $19.00 Set of 4

Here is a group of 4 dioramas/reflectors from Jewel Brite, I assume.  As you can see, there are no chips or cracks and the hanging loops are entirely intact as well.  Each ornament features a different display inside and each has a shiny metallic plastic frame on the back.  The lighter blue one might actually be from a different set because as you see in the photo, that one is closed all around, while the other three have open “windows” on the three facets.  Light scratching consistent with being on a tree, but nothing that detracts from integrity or presentation.   

           Clown, Jester, Tierred Ball $14.00

 3pc Mercury Glass Clown Jester Tiered Ball $14.00

Here we have a group of 3 vintage glass ornaments for you.  (I have a new phone, so still working on mastering the camera on this one; please forgive some occasional blurriness.)  There is a tiered ball in silver and blue alternating; I left the original hook on this one because it is one of the old ones that is quite strong and I didn’t want to take the chance that I might break the ornament while removing the hook.  There is a flattened round ornament with what I think of as a jester in raised glass on one side, while the reverse side is plain.  Third is a clown head with hat.  If any of the caps are marked in any way, it is beyond my visual acumen to read what may or may not be there.

Plastic Christmas Tree Garland, $18.00

Vintage Christmas Garland Plastic Chain Holly & Little Girl Angels Mid Century $18.00

Here is a garland, 103″ or just over 8′ long.  It is soft white plastic links and hooks, which I assume to mean that you can take it apart to make shorter sections.  Plastic holly with berries are attached and there are 5 little flocked angels scattered along the length of the chain, too.  You have to look at their backs to see that they are angels because their wings are tiny.  I call it very nice condition and I think if you look at the pictures, you will agree. 


Light Up Angel Topper, $15.00

Vintage Christmas Angel Lighted Tree Topper or Table Top Ornament Mid Century Modern $15.00


Here we have a wonderful little light-up angel that can be used as a tabletop ornament or a tree topper. All of her lights work; there is a white/clear light inside her head, the ones she holds are red and the ones that light her skirt are different colors. The lights start out being on solid, then begin to flash after being plugged in for a few minutes. The lighting is not as glaring in reality as portrayed by the picture; the tulle of her dress softens the lighting just enough to make her more angelic! Her head is vinyl and I think of her hair as “Barbie hair,” A bit of dust here and there, but her dress is intact on its wire frame and her head and hair are in good shape too. Lovely addition to your vintage themed tree.  

Bird In A Gilded Cage, $12.00

 Vintage Christmas Ornament Bird on Spring in Gilded Cage $12.00

A bird in a gilded cage. The cage is plastic and as you see in the photos, it is entirely intact and just over 5″ in height. The bird is red flocked and mounted on a spring to encourage movement. The bird is dusty and I’m not sure how to remove the dust. I was thinking a can of compressed air, but I don’t have one of those at the moment. If the dust bothers you, don’t buy; if it doesn’t bother you and you love unusual old Christmas ornaments, you’ll love this one.

3pc Plastic Ornaments, $14.00

Vintage Christmas Ornaments Hard Plastic Filigree Mid Century 1 Indent, 2 Globes, $14.00

Here are three ornaments for you; a silver ball/cage, a gold ball/cage and an indent ball. All three are in excellent vintage condition, with hanging loops intact and a small area of broken filligree on one that is not obvious unless you’re looking for it. I’ve always thought that these metallic plastics were made to go on aluminum trees and that might not be true, but they certainly do look awesome on one.