All of my glass items are in excellent to pristine condition unless otherwise stated in their descriptions.

All pictures appearing in collages are saved separately on my computer, should you require them. 

All measurements are approximate to within 1/4″ +or-

I’m just getting started, so please check back! 

Pink Hobnail Ruffled Bowl, Hand Painted


It is pink milk glass, gold rim, hand painted with a garland of roses and leaves.  This bowl is most likely Fenton; the piecrust ruffles and general aspect says that, but it’s not a certainty., as almost all glass companies made a hobnail pattern at one time or another.  As nearly as I can ascertain, there is NO damage to this bowl; not even to the garland of hand painted flowers.  The hobnails are pointed, rather than just round bumps.

• 10″ at widest point

• 4 1/8″ at tallest point

• 3 1/4″ collar base

Cambridge Crown Tuscan Charleton Rose

This is Cambridge’s Crown Tuscan glass footed shell with the pattern dubbed Charleton Rose.  The color tone is peachy-pink, slightly translucent. It is entirely unharmed, with only the slight suggestion of gold loss on some areas of the stubby feet, but that may be original, as these were never painted to look absolutely identical.

Beautiful example of pink milk glass; NOT just opaque pink glass.

• 8″ long

• 4 5/8″ at the widest point

• 3 3/4″ at the tallest point.

Fenton Lime Custard Bonbon, Green Stain Details $35.00

Here is a Fenton Bonbon in the Lotus & Grape pattern.  It is in the greenish custard glass appropriately nicknamed green custard and has green “stain” detailing.  As you can see in the right lower photo, the glass is UV reactive and glows nicely when confronted with a black light.  Bonbon is in lovely condition, with no chips or cracks.  

• 8 1/4″ across handles

• 2 5/8″ tall to tip of handles

• 2 5/8″ across collar base