Vintage Paperweight, Glass Cat, Cased Multicolor $30.00


Vintage Glass Paperweight, Multicolor & Cased Cat.  

Here we have a seated cat, with colors of red, blue, yellow, black and white inside the clear casing.  There is the barest suggestion of a face that is only visible in person.  Kitty’s feet are primly set side by side, tail is raised and head tilted to the side as though questioning us, or perhaps she is only deep in thought.  Clear casing over these particular colors was done in the 1960’s; somewhere in my personal collection, I have a small bird and a life-sized egg with these exact colors, also cased in clear like this one, but I have yet to find those; keep watching. 

This will be a wonderful addition to your collection.

• Measurements shown in photo third left

• Excellent condition; I find no flaws on her

• Color is multicolor with clear casing


Pink Glass Rabbit Paperweight $35.00


Vintage Glass Paperweight, Pink Bunny Rabbit.  

Here is an animal paperweight for you; this time it’s a pink glass bunny.  Most notable thing about her is the incredible clarity of the glass.  Notice in some of the pictures where it appears that the bunny has a horizontal line running through her body; that is the line where the backdrop meets the table in the photographing area.  The rabbit is SO clear that all images behind her are visible.  Detail is not ignored here, even with the smoothness of line.  Everything from her nose to her tail are nicely detailed, which avoids the “amorphous” look that so many figural paperweights display; even the vintage ones. 

This will be a wonderful addition to your collection.

• Measurements shown in photo top right

• Excellent condition; I find no flaws on her

• Color is transparent pink


Vintage Glass Paperweight, Dolphin, $35.00


Vintage Glass Paperweight, Water-Blue Dolphin.  

A dolphin balances on his tail as he explodes through the waves to display his beauty for us.  Clarity is remarkable and with the line of blue, carefully controlled by the maker, he appears slightly different from each angle of viewing.  Facial details are present and slightly softened to compliment the super-fluid lines of this piece.  The only “murky” part of the glass is the base, which is designed to mimic water, so the murkiness is not only expected, but required for the integrity of the design. 

No damage; wonderful, lovely addition to your collection.

• Measurements provided by photo, bottom right

• Excellent condition, with no flaws that I can find

• Color is transparent clear with a line of blue near the spine

Vintage Glass Paperweight, Aquamarine Frog $35.00


Vintage Glass Paperweight, Frog in Santa Maria Aquamarine. 

Fluidity of the piece relies largely on angularity.  All of the lines are nearly geometrically clean, from the completely flat base (photo 3rd right) to the slightly faceted eyes, seen in photo 2nd right.  Facial detail is simple, but still somehow very expressive.  With a nod to naturalness, his back legs are actually in slightly different positions, as though he is ready to leap at a moment’s notice.  I am generally not a fan of anything blue, but this is the color of the much desired Santa Maria Aquamarine gemstone, so is more green than blue, leaving me able to love this little guy. 

• Measurements provided by photo top right

• I believe him to be pristine

• Color is transparent fine aquamarine blue-green

Vintage Glass Paperweight, Sparrow, $30.00


Vintage Glass Paperweight, Sparrow, Oil-Spill Clear

I realize that his shape is not like that of a sparrow, but that is still the first thing that comes to my mind when I look at the sweet little bird.  I know most people would think “bluebird” but that seems wrong since he is clear.  The color is best described as slightly frosty with rainbow colors.  This one did not photograph as well as I had hoped, but the photos are at least good enough to show the details of wingtips, face and tail in some, while others depict the hint of an almost mercurial, metallic undertone with the soft coloring.   

• Measurements provided by photo, bottom right

• Beautiful vintage condition

• Color is gently frosted clear with “oil-spill” colors of pink, blue, etc.

Vintage Glass Paperweight, Buddha, $35.00

Vintage Glass Paperweight, Budda, Apple Green Jade Glass

Here we have a glass Budda (Buddha, if you prefer) in glass that absolutely imitates Apple Green Jade.  This glass could be considered a Jadeite, but has that unmistakable translucence of Jade without the transparency of glass.  Bottom is rough toward the center, where it was taken from the mold; this is NOT considered a flaw, as it is a natural occurrence of manufacturing.  He is nicely detailed, from his long earlobes to his navel to his fingers and toes.  The face is especially nice; something soothing about holding him and looking at his face…

Nicely done item to add to your collection.

• Measurements provided by photo bottom right

• Condition is excellent

• Glass mimics the color of Apple Green Jade.

Vintage Glass Paperweight, Elliptical, Crane Grass, $35.00

Vintage Glass Paperweight, Crane & Grass, Flattened Egg Shape

This is one to keep nearby when you are working; it is very soothing to the touch or just to look at.  The bottom is smoothly finished, as seen in the photo top right.  The blue background color could be sky, could be water, could be both.  The grasses are very simply represented here, almost Spartan in their sparseness of detail, but still conveying more than is actually shown.  The crane is simple of line and detail, much like the bird itself in nature.  I have no explanation for the white thing where the bird’s feet would be; not sure if it intends to imitate froth on the water, a rock or if it is just there to make me ask those questions.  Notice picture second left, which shows the almost diagonal interior application of the background color of glass.  Also please notice in picture 3rd left that from the back, through the blue, no clarity is lost and the crane is still clearly visible

If you have not yet started a paperweight collection, this would be an excellent choice for a beginning and if you already have a collection, this would rate pride of place.  

• Measurements provided by photo bottom right

• Lovely condition

• Color is clear, blue, green, black, white, red…