Decorative Santas; Candy Containers, Ornaments and Dust Catchers

Composition Santa Bobble Head $15.00



Vintage Christmas Decoration Santa Bobblehead, Nodder

I don’t know who made this or when, but it’s adorable so I don’t care.  Apart from one missing rhinestone, easily replaced, he is in super excellent condition.  He is composition material, so has nice weight, detailing on his cap imitates spaghetti.  Spring is quite firm, there is VERY minimal evidence that he was handled much, so all finishes are in vintage excellent condition.  This will be a very nice addition to any of your Christmas vignettes. 


Vintage E Rosen Santa Candy Container, $30.00



Vintage Christmas Decoration E Rosen Rosbro Hard Plastic Santa Blowing Horn MCM $30.00

I believe E Rosen Rosbro is the maker of this and quite a few of my other Christmas hard plastics. There might be a few of these out there, but I don’t think you will find the combination of condition and price that I’m offering to you here. There aren’t enough of these for everyone that wants one to be able to own one.
As you can see in the pictures, he is in really nice condition, with only small, insignificant areas of paint loss. Everything that is supposed to be there, IS there and he’s not chipped or cracked. He stands approximately 5″ tall. In his “backpack” you see what appears to be a small wrapped package. I think it is a wrapped match box, but didn’t want to pull it out; it’s not glued in or anything, it is only that this is the way I acquired the piece, so I’m leaving that part to your discretion; remove it if it bothers you, leave it there if not 🙂


Vintage Christmas Ceramic Santa Teddy Bear Gift Sack Coin Bank Homco Mid Century $12.00


Vintage Christmas Ceramic Santa Teddy Bear Gift Sack Coin Bank Homco Mid Century $12.00

Here is a Santa coin bank for you; I’m pretty sure it is made by Homco (Home Interiors) but cannot prove it conclusively due to the blurred markings on the bottom.

Heavier than he looks, Santa has his gift sack in one hand and is carrying a teddy bear in the other, so he’s ready to be a lovely part of your vintage Christmas display. The trim on his suit and hat are textured to be reminiscent of spaghetti ceramic without the impossible cleaning issue; nice touch there.

Coin slot is NOT torn up by use as a bank, very minimal paint loss, a little dust, but all around very good vintage condition. He does not have his stopper, as you can see in the picture, but those are fairly easy to come by if you were to actually use him as a bank.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments Decorations Santa Theme Lot Of 8 Pieces Mid Century $20.00



Vintage Christmas Ornaments Decorations Santa Theme Lot Of 8 Pieces Mid Century $20.00

Here we have a group of Santas for you; 8 pieces in all.

There is Santa and Mrs Santa with vinyl (?) faces and spun cotton beard and hair; Mrs Santa still has her golden glasses and some bonehead in the past put magnet strips on the back of each one. Spun cotton could use some cleanup by someone who knows how and that someone is not me.

There is a small dish that is NOT an ashtray; pin dish, coin dish, candy dish or whatever you choose. You can see that it has some paint loss and crazing, but no real damage. The number on the back is related to the maker but I’ve not done the research to find out who that is.

Next is a charming little Santa with felt clothing and wood stick body holding a Merry Christmas sign. Spun cotton hair and beard and cute hand drawn face.

A small Santa head with felt cap and spun cotton (or angel hair??) beard, made in Japan and suitable as a tree ornament, too.

A larger Santa head that is mounted on what appears to be red burlap; no idea why. He has an unusually nice face and as you can see in the photos, his cap could use a bit of restoration; separating seam (maybe moth holes?) and red tape around the tip where the wire is, but that doesn’t really seem to harm the presentation.

Lastly, two small Santas; one all red soft plastic with hanging loop and one flocked. Had I taken a picture of the back of the flocked one, you would see a plastic plug that is probably for removing to put him on a small tree light; but that’s not for sure, it could be for another reason.
Lovely addition to your vintage themed Christmas!