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MH107 Men’s Haori, $85.00


Vintage Authentic Japanese Kimono Men’s Silk Haori Crests Three Gods MH107


Pattern: Three Chinese deities and a Kanji poem in the beautiful liner.  Liner is woven, not printed; details in photos.

Comments: Intersecting arrows crests are slightly discolored.  This does not detract from presentation.  This would have been a very expensive garment when it was new; it’s really beautiful. Five crested, formal occasion haori. 


MH107 Three Gods Haori 

Material: Silk

Condition: Excellent

Color: Black


Length: 95cm (37.4inches)

Wrist to Wrist: 130cm (51.2inches)

Sleeve Drop: 51cm (20.1inches)

Body Width: 64cm (25.2inches)

MJ31 Men’s Juban, $75.00
Back View


MJ31 Men’s Hitoe (Unlined) Juban, Wool

Pattern: Streams, lobsters and plum trees in square frames.

Comments: Amazingly soft, smooth wool juban, unlined and perfect for year round wear.


MJ31 Wool Juban, Lobster Squares

Material: Wool

Condition: Excellent

Color: Dark grey


Length: 133cm (52.4inches)

Total Width: 134cm (52.8inches)

Sleeve Drop: 47cm (18.5inches)

Body Width: 66cm (26inches)

MK58 BORO Monk’s Kimono, $49.00


Authentic Men’s Vintage Japanese Antique Kimono, Monk’s Ro, Boro, MK58.


Pattern:  Ro silk with ties inside and outside. 

Comments:  Repaired area and pinholes as shown in photos. 

Box pleats all around the skirt; due to the relatively short sleeves, I think this one is working attire rather than ceremonial.  


Monk’s BORO Ro Silk Kimono 

Material:  Silk Ro

Condition: Vintage Good, Boro Class 

Color:  Black

• Size: 

Length:  42″ 

Total Width:  47″

Sleeve Drop:  17″

Body Width:  20″




JM81 Pilgrimage Vest, $75.00


Vintage Authentic Japanese Shikoku Pilgrimage Vest
This piece is from my own, personal collection.
• The vest is thin, feather-light cotton with red ink stamps and black, brush-drawn kanji.
• As photos show, it is structurally sound, but has fading and light stains, mostly at neck, resulting from advanced age, I think.
• 130 total stamps; I did not count the mum at the center back neck as a temple stamp; numbers and locations counted are below.
• Wrinkles from storage should ease out on their own; I do not recommend ironing it.
• These are getting harder and harder to find and with that in mind, my price is VERY fair.

JM81 Pilgrimage Vest
Material: Cotton
Color: White w/Red Stamps, Black Kanji
Condition: Light staining/yellowing visible in photos.

Length: 24½”
Wrist to Wrist: 49″
Body Width: 19″

• Measurements are taken lying flat; body width in this instance is taken across the back at the midway point vertically.
• Center back, beneath kanji, 8 stamps vertically.
• Left back panel, 30 stamps.
• Right back panel, 33 stamps.
• Right side panel, 1 stamp, Left side panel, 2 stamps.
• Right front panel, 28 stamps.
• Left front panel, 28 stamps.



JD115 Genji Wheel Haori, $55.00


Women’s Vintage Authentic Japanese Kimono Haori Slik Genji Wheels Liner of Drums JD115

Pattern: Large Genji Wheel pattern on back and small one on the wearer’s left front side.
Comments: Lovely Habutae garment with white liner of Japanese Drums; no crest, so designed for casual wear.

JD115 Genji Wheel Haori
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent
Shell Color: Black
Liner Color: Pearl White

•Length: 30″
•Width: 49½”
•Sleeve: 17″
•Shoulder: 23″

• Measurements are taken lying flat; garment’s body width is taken across the back from side-seam to side-seam between sleeves.
• Measurements are approximate to within ½”.
• Length measurement does NOT include the collar strip.
• All collage (if present) photos are saved separately on my computer if you need them.

PCBB29 Hitoe Haori, $29.00


Women’s Vintage Japanese Kimono Hitoe Haori Mauve Silk Shibori, Restore or Craft PCBB29.

• I am selling this one as SILK ONLY for purposes of crafting other items, although I would not hesitate to wear it myself.
• Haori has several very small holes and stains as shown in photos.
• Right hand sleeve’s reinforcing has come unstitched; shown in photo.
• This haori is hitoe, or unlined.
• There is shibori (tie dye) work here and also embroidery coming undone as shown in photos.
• Note that there is a lot of usable silk here if the small damages bother you; I am selling the silk, not the garment.

PCBB29 Mauve Haori For Crafting Fabric, Repurposing, Etc.
Material: Silk.
Color: Mauve with ivory, peach.
Condition: For silk only damages as shown in photos.

Length: 38¼”
Wrist to Wrist: 48¾”
Body Width: 22½”
Sleeve Drop 24½”





PCBB61 Vintage Boro White Purple Cotton Long Haori, $49.00


Vintage Japanese Haori, Boro White Purple Cotton PCBB61

This is from my own, personal collection; I have several additional items. If the first few sell quickly, I’ll list more.

• Difficult to tell at a distance due to the fading, but this haori is white on one side and faded purple on the other side; by this, I mean that vertically, wearer’s right side is purple and left side is white.
• Interior cuff reinforcements are white for purple side, purple for white side.
• Collar edge fraying, shown in photos.
• Seam for collar strip, inside right, has come unsewn at the bottom, easily repaired if you’re good with a needle.
• Light stains visible in photos may (or may not) disappear with laundering, but are not bold enough to be distracting, IN MY OPINION.
• Apart from the opened strip seam at the bottom of wearer’s right inside, the jacket is structurally sound and wearable.
• It is boro, so being sold as fabric rather than as a garment, although I would not hesitate to wear it myself.
• Measurements listed below.

• Any photos in collages are saved separately on my computer if you require them.


Length: 39″
Wrist to Wrist: 52″
Body Width: 26″
Sleeve Drop: 22″

• Measurements are taken lying flat; body width is taken across the back at the midway point.

PCBB33 Boro Silk Hanten, $49.00


Vintage Japanese Noragi Hanten Happi Jacket Boro Red Tissue Silk Liner PCBB33

Vintage Japanese silk jacket, boro ranru.
This piece is from my own, personal collection of boro garments.  Boro is for very specific collectors.
• This jacket is either considered Noragi, Happi or Hanten; not certain which.
• Sleeves do not taper, so more like happi for shop use rather than a festival happi. That is my OPINION.
• As photos show, it is structurally sound, but has a couple of seam openings, pocket coming loose, pinholes, thinning and shredding to inside silk.
• Mending of open seams and pocket are probably simple, but my skills are nearly nonexistent.
• Pinned to the neckline is a numbered tag; I assume it came from a cleaner, but I never removed it.
• Shell silk is soft black, leaning toward charcoal and tissue silk liner is bright red.
• The embroidery appears in the areas you expect mons; back center and one on each front chest panel.
• I don’t read kanji, but I THINK the symbol is the ichi.

PCBB33 Boro Silk Noragi Happi Hanten
Material: Silk
Color: Black shell, red liner, gold embroidery.
Condition: Boro with shredding, pinholes, open seams as shown in photos.

Length: 33″
Wrist to Wrist: 49½”
Body Width: 23″
Sleeve Taper 10¼”; sleeves have no tapering; box shape.

PCBB21 White Cotton Boro Happi, $59.00



Vintage Japanese Kimono Happi Coat White Cotton Black Paulownia Mon Kanji PCBB21

• Very nice condition, very white, may have faint staining at neckline; I would launder it just to be sure.
• Structurally sound; has a pulled thread seen in photo; probably from where the shoulder liner is sewn inside.
• Single paulownia crest or mon symbol on the back, black rope and other decoration, black kanji on front collar strips.
• Cuff reinforcements are plain white cotton, seen in photos.
• White shoulder liner, seen in photos.
• This is from my own collection. If that’s your jam too, you’ll love this one; if not, view my other listings.

PCBB21 White Happi, Black Kanji.
Material: Cotton.
Color: White with black kanji.
Condition: Very good; may need laundering.

Length: 26½”
Wrist to Wrist: 52″
Body Width: 25½”
Sleeve Taper 10″-9″.






Men’s Blue Kimono/Haori Set, $95.00


Vintage Japanese Kimono/Haori Set for Men, Blue Tsmugi Silk

Vintage Authentic Japanese Kimono & Haori Set For Men, Hawk & Pine

Men’s kimon/haori sets continue to be difficult to find, so I’m pleased to have this one to present for your consideration. It is a casual wear set, having no crests.

It will need to be gone over with a lint remover, or perhaps you’ll cut to the chase and just have it cleaned, preferably by someone who knows how to handle vintage silks. Structurally sound, with no real issues to report beyond the whole needs freshening up thing. The weave of the shells is Tsumugi silk, or “tails out” weave.
Color in reality is a good strong navy blue, but in a couple of pictures, the blue was shy about showing itself. The kimono liner is a blue so dark as to seem black, or maybe it IS black. The haori liner is lovely, with pine and hawk done in sumi; note the hawk has green eyes!

Kimono Set
Material: Silk
Condition: Vintage Excellent
Color: Navy Blue

Size of Kimono:
•Length: 53″
•Wrist to Wrist: 51 1/2″
•Sleeve Drop: 19″
•Body Width: 24 1/2″

Size of Haori:
•Length: 34 1/2″
•Wrist to Wrist: 52″
•Sleeve Drop: 19″
•Body Width: 25″


Men’s Silk Haori With Shadow Crest Mon MH101 $65.00


Vintage Authentic Japanese Kimono Men’s Silk Haori Crest Mon MH101

Pattern: Liner is a repeated pattern of a person wearing a bamboo hat, walking with a small walking stick.
Comments: Very deep charcoal brown with a single embroidered Rhombus ‘shadow’ crest, so semi-formal.

MH101 Walkers Haori,
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent
Color: Dark brown

Length: 102cm (40.2inches)
Wrist to Wrist: 134cm (52.8inches)
Sleeve Drop: 50cm (19.7inches)
Body Width: 66cm (26inches)

M66 BORO Mens Haori, $45.00



Vintage Authentic Japanese Kimono Haori For Men Lobster & Kanji Sumi Boro Silk M66


The second picture shows the careful repair to damage that appears to be burn, although how a garment gets burned on the sleeve’s liner without burning the shell is a mystery to me. You have to know exactly where to look for this on the exterior (sleeve) because the stitching is so fine and straight that is is nearly invisible on the black outer shell. I love the ones that have these repairs; it speaks to the importance of the haori to the original owner. It is a wonderful liner of poems and lobsters and is very light weight silk.
The edges of the damages are loose and unattached. The lining silk as well as the shell is very light weight; almost tissue silk. A couple of pencil-eraser size holes in the black silk shell, an area of shredding to the lining silk where it meets the collar strip.

Because it is boro condition, it is intended for display or disassembling for fabric to use in other projects. It can, of course be worn as well, but boro is boro, not a pristine garment.

M66 Haori
Material: Silk
Condition: Boro
Color: Black

•Length: 39″
•Wrist to Wrist: 51″
•Sleeve Drop: 19″
•Body Width: 24 3/4″