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Here are pictures of a member of our client family in full dress.  You can see by his posture that he is completely comfortable in both his surroundings and in his garments.  While this is a stylized traditional ensemble, it is easy to see that the garments may also be worn as accents to American westernized clothing as well as in the more traditional way.  Thanks very much to James R for the pictures!

Marvelous Chocolates from Chocolat!

You wouldn't expect to see candy on my pages, I know; this is an exceptional case.  These are chocolates worthy of the name and they taste as beautiful as they look.  I can say this with confidence because I have sampled a great many products from as many chocolatiers and these from Chocolat in Hummelstown Pennsylvania are in my opinion the best far and away; and yes, I have had Godiva and have to tell you that while they are lovely, they did not especially impress me with any aspect except the price they command, which seems to be designed to target those who believe that the more expensive something is, the better it must be.  People with taste and sense know this not to be true.

The brightly colored ones that you see above look like amazingly fine glass in person and it is with a certain amount of regret that I did eat them; they are so beautiful!  I am an especial fan of the very dark chocolates and those chosen for me (by my friend Josh G) in this assortment were pure and radiant ecstasy. 

Here is the website where you can view and purchase these fabulous chocolates and learn more about the award-winning Frederic Loraschi who makes them; my darling Josh has the pleasure of working with Frederic and I have the pleasure of Josh's company by way of my website email.  Go to and view the wonders created by these unique artists!